Hi , i was just wondering if anyone here has ever tried the skinsitut products and what did you think of them?


This is such an old post, and the original poster might not even be here anymore but I’ve come across it while also searching Skinstitut so I’ll answer and give it a bump.

I first used a few products from Skinstitut in April 2017. I’d never really taken an interest in skincare and after reading some amazing reviews thought I’d give it a try. I purchased, L-lactic Cleanser, Glycolic Scrub 14% and Retinol. I started slowly, using the cleanser every second day, the scrub once a week and the retinol maybe twice a week and slowly built up. I loved them all!! I used the retinol at night and my skin just looked bright the following day. Everything is such a great size and lasts for months even when being used daily. I’ve repurchased the retinol, and at the same time purchased the Moisture Defence - oily skin moisturiser. I’m still using the Cleanser and scrub I bought in April - that’s how long they last!

Like many others, I’m a recent convert to the cult phenomenon of The Ordinary. I bought several products and while liking them, am not sure I love them which led me to search for further Skinstitut reviews. I’d love to hear from people that have tried both to get some feedback, but no luck yet. As popular as the Ordinary brand seems to be, I’m leaning towards going back to Skinstitut and trying a few of their other products.

Multi active oil - people rave about rosehip and this contains that, plus other goodies! win-win
Vitamin C - I’m using the Ordinary 23% and I do like it (too new to know if it’ll give me results), but think I’ll try the powder from from Skinstitut as I can mix it with what I’d like.
Either the eye cream, or the eye & neck cream, cos I’m getting older :wink:
Considering trying the glycolic cleanser just to be able to compare the difference between that and L-lactic cleanser.
The peel, because, why not!

Although the initial cost will be massive compared to The Ordinary, knowing they’ll last me many, many months makes it worth it, and the fact I’ll have a set regime just seems easier to me.