Smooth Skin Starts Now (With A Little Help From Silicone)

Smooth Skin Starts Now (With A Little Help From Silicone)


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We all have concern areas, and they often change as we age; whether it’s frown lines, smile lines, crow’s feet, or even lines on your chest, there’s a range that targets common ageing concerns like no other. Does Wrinkles Schminkles ring a bell?

Formulated using only medical-grade silicone, these age-fighting pads are in a league of their own. Traditionally used in hospitals to treat scarring and burns, medical-grade silicone has been found to also be an effective anti-ageing ingredient.

Silicone hydrates the skin, restoring moisture and increasing blood flow, which can stimulate collagen production.

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How Do Wrinkles Schminkles Smoothing Kits Work?

- The pads keep your skin taut so it can't crease or wrinkle
  • They work to lift and firm the skin, using healing properties to hydrate

  • Silicone is proven to help heal skin & scarring

  • Increases blood flow to encourage collagen production

  • They target concerns like fine lines, wrinkles and creasing

  • You can wear them overnight or during the day (whenever you feel like it!)

  • The pads are made from 100% medical-grade silicone

  • They’re hypoallergenic, so they’re suitable for all skin types

  • The pads are reusable (you get about 10 uses per pair)

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Which Smoothing Kit Is Right For Me?

The good news is, Wrinkles Schminkles have created a Smoothing Kit to cover almost every ageing concern you could have. Some of our best-sellers are the Eye, Chest and Forehead Smoothing Kits - so which one is for you?

The Chest Smoothing Kit

★★★★★ It works! - Liddi

"I sleep on my side and was beginning to notice quite frightening wrinkles on my chest each morning. Moisturisers did basically nothing to improve them, so I decided to give this a go ... I've been wearing it for 3 nights and I have to say it's brilliant! You can see instant results after the first night. It's well worth the slightly unusual feeling of sleeping with a pad on your chest (which you quickly get used to). My wrinkles are disappearing. I'm a convert!"

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The Forehead Smoothing Kit

★★★★★ Quite impressed - Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter

"After the very first use, when I woke in the morning, I felt that I looked more relaxed and fresher than usual. Wrinkles and lines were still there, but nothing but a dramatic face lift would erase them from my face, but overall my skin really does look more refreshed and younger, which is impressive."

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The Eye Smoothing Kit:

★★★★★ Useful - Denise

"This is an interesting product. The results after overnight use are spectacular, but they don't last. If I could afford it, I'd use them every night, but I think these will be for special occasions only. Easy to apply and remove."

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