Special Guest: Hannah Terret, National Brow Artist for Benefit Cosmetics, Australia

Special Guest: Hannah Terret, National Brow Artist for Benefit Cosmetics, Australia


Let’s give a big Adorebeauty Forum welcome to Hannah Terret , National Brow Artist for Benefit Cosmetics Australia!

If there was ever an Aussie Benebabe who knows brows, it’s National Brow Artist, Hannah Terrett. Hannah started out as Australia’s first ever brow expert in Sydney’s then Benefit flagship boutique almost a decade ago.
Hannah says “Forget perfume and pearls – always leave the house with your brows on! Shaping your brows is one of the quickest things you can do to enhance your makeup look. They can make you feel like the best version of you. "

Hannah will be our special guest this coming week and will be live on the forum on Monday 26th of June from 4pm-5pm EST answering your questions for all things brow related, as well as giving hints and tips on how to achieve particular looks that work best for you. Can’t make it to the forum at that time? No sweat, we’ve made the topic live early so that you can leave your questions in here ready to go!

P.S. Feel free to post any pics of yourself and looks you’re trying to achieve in your posts!


Yessssss! This is awesome. I use the Gimme Brow everyday but am keen to hear more about tinting. I’ve always been too scared to try but I think it would save me so much time!

What exactly does tinting do and how long does it last?


Hi Hannah! Just wondering… when plucking, shaping etc I once heard that each brow should begin and end where your eyes begin and end. Is this true? And if so… where is the best place to have your brow arch?


Hi there! I have been waxing my brows for years and have grown them to achieve that thicker, runway-style look. My only problem is that I need to get brow tinting often to keep the even colour/thickness/shape (naturally dark brown). I am now desperate to achieve that flat, neater look. I definitely don’t want to tattoo my brows, but is threading the answer?


As a teenager in the 90’s waxing was a BIG thing. It’s left me with slightly patchy eyebrows. :fearful: How can I fill my eyebrows out quickly in the morning? I don’t have time to mess around with loads of product but I’ve heard that eyebrows are even more important than mascara in terms of looking “done”. Should I sacrifice the mascara time for eyebrow perfection?


I’m personally curious to know - In the 90s brows were much slimmer, then super bushy got a look in for a while (particularly with models) a few years ago and now we seem to have found somewhat of a happy medium between the two whilst still leaning towards fuller brows .
What do you think has influenced these trends? And do you foresee any particular new brow looks and trends coming up in the near future or is the current beauty standard for brows here to stay for a while?


Hi Jackie_d,
Total fleek worthy question!
Do not be afraid! Tinting, when done well can frame your face and add life back to your eyebrows.
Tinting is a great way to add thickness and colour to sparse or light brows and lasts up to 2 weeks.
Start by having a brow colour consultation at the Benefit BrowBar.
The brow babes there will custom colour match your needs and direct you to any additional brow faves you may need. H x


Hi misschristie,
Good question!
Start by measuring your brows to get the perfect shape. Brow mapping allows you to find the perfect start, arch and end point to any brow. Have them shaped by a brow bestie to ensure your arch in all the right places and use a couple of killer brow products to keep them in check. Hope this helps. H x


Hey Alexia,
Well done you on growing your run-way ready brows back! It sure can be a process so congrats!
Sounds like you are looking to add a little more structure to your brows? Why not try a brow gel to add that sleek, well groomed look. Gel/s pomades are a great solution to adding extra hold and some are even water proof solutions- I LOVE KABROW by Benefit. 24 hour waterproof, easy to apply, sets to a matte finish and even has a brush built into the lid… WIN! Best of luck, H x


Hey Tresnalee,
I hear you sista! I too have had to endure 90’s revival brows, leaving me brows similiar to a patch work quilt…
My favorite “on the go” brow products have to be “Gimme Brow” for instant volume and “Goof Proof Brow Pencil” for filling in the gaps and minimal hair. This power couple take me less than 5 mins in the am, leaving just enough time for mastering my mascara before I jet out the door. Try them today! H x


Throwing in one more question from my end! Having naturally black hair my eye brows are already quite dark and are fairly full but to date I’ve still not found the right makeup solution to give my brows more oomph without my brows looking really fake or too dark (I always joke that getting my brows made up makes me look angry or like I belong on the set of Jersey Shore).
What are your tips, solutions and recommended products for dark or black haired brows when trying to stay in the natural look lane? x


Hi Christined,
I love this question!
From thick to thin, angular to straight, sleek to structured, brows, just like fashion are constantly changing and evolving. There are so many brow beauties putting their best brows forward right now and influencing the brow space, Cara Deleviene and Lily Collins just to name a few slay a bold style right now.
I’m personally LOVING the fuller brow styles coming through as they soften your features, enhance your eyes and frame the face.
Stay tuned for more “trend” brows to come, brow carving anyone!?.. H x


Another cracking question Christined!
Definitely a brow challenge for many people with dark hair, the constant debate of can I or cant I use brow products…
Well your in luck! YES. YOU. CAN!!
To keep your brows consistent and full without adding more depth, try a brow powder in 1-2 shades LIGHTER (yes I said lighter) than your hair tone.
Powder formulas leave a fluffy texture through the hair allowing the skin to show through naturally and the lighter tone will soften the overall finish.
Try partnering with a highlight brow gel like 3D Browtones by Benefit for added dimension. Hope this helps, H x


Well looks like time’s up guys. It was a pleasure to have you on board today @hannahterrett and thank you for your time!

Lots of great brow-licious tips and tricks to take away and think about in here.

If any of Hannah’s product suggestions have caught your interest. You can head over to check out our gorgeous Benefit products available on our site right over this way:


hi. is this Hannah’s official Youtube page? https://www.youtube.com/user/BenefitAustralia/videos


@marthawhite Yes, I believe that’s the official Benefit Australia youtube page :slight_smile: