Spot Treatment

Spot Treatment


Hello Everyone,
I am just wanting to get some opinions.
I have some spots that i want to get cleared up asap (dont we all :wink: ) for a wedding i have on the weekend and am wondering what people use out there?
I have been looking at Alpha H Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel and Mario Badescu Drying Lotion but I don’t know what to go with.
Any help would be appreciated :heart: thank you


I’ve heard good things of the Mario Badescu drying lotion - anything with BHA’s should do the trick.


@christined @Shannon_Staff @KateMorrisCEO do you ladies have any advice for a wedding emergency! :hushed:


:relieved: thank you for tagging me @annettebisinella you’re a gem! :heart:

@kimstapleton oh no! First I think I need to find a bit more about your skin - do you know your skin type? Do you normally get blemishes or has your skin done what mine loves to do, and produced some spots just for the occasion? :laughing: :tired_face:

Additionally - are you prone to dry patches?

What do you usually use (skin routine, and/or spot treatments more generally)?

Any info you can give will help a lot for coming up with ideas - I can’t promise you miracles but we might be able to put you on the right track :slight_smile:


Hi @Shannon_Staff, sorry my post was a bit blase.
I am not 100% sure, i think i am quite oily though :roll_eyes: lol
Oh I definitely usually get blemishes… i can go maybe 2 days with clearer skin but then i wake up with spots (and sometimes monsters as the case is this morning, just in time for Saturday).
I am new to the skin care routine (thank you to @annettebisinella for showing me the light :kissing_heart:) so all i am using at the moment is clinque face wash, liquid gold (LOVE) and vit e cream, i have posted on Meghans Q+A for some tips too! Thanks so much :heart_eyes:


@annettebisinella I’m sorry, I’m not an expert in this area (in fact I would also love to know the answer to this!). I’m sure @kimstapleton is in good hands with Shannon. @alexandraraymond may also have some good ideas.


Hi @kimstapleton I thought I’d share some information from a well known UK skincare guru with you in this CH Routines this should help you work on your skin in the longer term. @Shannon_Staff I’m sure will be able to help you choose some products from Adore to use. I suspect your vitamin E cream may need to be looked at to see if it has mineral oil in it. Lightweight plant oils are fine. Anyway good luck - but absolutely get onto the BHA’s quick smart - if it’s not a cyst you may get a result before the weekend.


Ohh great, thank you so much @tinamiller i will have a look!


@kimstapleton Yeah I agree with Tina, check what is in your Vitamin E cream - depending on formulation it may be too rich, but if you already know it works for you keep going with it :slight_smile:

Hmm ok - so the thing about skin (to simplify this a lot) is that your skin cells turn over every… 28 days or so. Which means you probably can’t do a whole lot in a week that will dramatically improve things. Sorry, but if I told you anything else it would be dishonest!

My actual top tip:

Keep going with your skin routine as long as you’re sure it’s not the origin of the breakouts.
Resist the temptation to pick all week (which you may not do in the first place, but if you’re like me you get stressed about the zits being there and you end up prodding… ha!), and your skin may be textured underneath the foundation but it will be a LOT easier to hide than dry & patchy skin from using high strength products.
Foundation & concealer will always looks best on skin that is healed - so focus on keeping your skin hydrated this week :slight_smile: even if I shipped you something same-day today, I don’t think it would be better than your skin’s natural healing process, because I don’t know how your skin will react this week and I’m not going to tempt fate :slight_smile:

Other information:

You’re already using Liquid Gold so that’s great! It actually makes me hesitant to suggest something else on top of this, because you’re already using something that will help boost skin turnover.

My next suggestion would be Salicylic Acid… but to not start this week, start sometime in the future. This is a common ingredient in a lot of those ‘spot treatment’ type products, but you can get The Ordinary’s version that will help with the inflammation, and clearing pores. I would be careful using it in conjunction with Liquid Gold - both are chemical exfoliants and can lead to dry skin (which, honestly, is HARDER to conceal with foundation).

The only downside with the salicylic acid is that it really is pretty dang strong especially in conjunction with the Liquid Gold.

I spoke to @alexandraraymond about what you could do and what products, if any, you might like to try - the Medik8 Blemish Control Pads also contain Salicylic Acid at the same strength as The Ordinary’s, but the formula is much more gentle.


Hi! I’ve been using Mario Badescu Drying Lotion for couple of years and can’t live without it whenever I have pimples! It works! However, you can only use it at nights due to the colour so I would suggest for you to use it at night and the Alpha H gel during the day. :slight_smile:


Nicole Kilner from The Ordinary actually said Salicylic Acid great for acne prone skin and to use inconjubction with Hylauronic Acid for moisture.
Must be hot demand product. Because as quick as adore restocks, it just as quickly sells out. Thats a 5 star review in it self!


Thank you so much Shannon :smiley: your post is really helpful!

I have stopped with the vit e cream (havent used it since monday) and my skin seems to have calmed down, fingers crossed it stays that way.
I am a picker :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but i have tried my best to not pick, going well so far!!
I well check out your link to the medik8 blemish control pads :grin: Thank you


Do you mean The Ordinary Salicylic Acid used in conjunction with Liquid Gold? is that Hylauronic Acid or is that something different? :thinking: i am getting confused lol


Sorry lovely! I popped link below. Hylauronic Acid is pretty much an oil free moisturiser. This helps boost moisture of your skin. Stop dryness. With products like Salicylic Acid that can cause dryness, its a great light weight way to stop that dryness from occurring. Rather then using alot of creams, which can contain alot of oils. Depending on the brand and product of course!
Again, suggested for me to use by Nicole from Ordinary.


Ohhh, okk… got it :wink: so using these two together sounds like a good idea!! thank you @annettebisinella


Alpha H liquid gold is a fab spot treatment aswell as ASAP Clear Complexion Gel


I’ve been using the Acne Spot Treatment from White & Elm and it cleared my breakouts and made the red spots go away immediately! Here’s the link to it :slight_smile: