Stickers for The Ordinary

Stickers for The Ordinary


I saw these posted in The Ordinary chat group on Facebook. What a great way to help distinguish between all of those little bottles and ba able to see at a glance when to use each one. Apparently they are from another shopping site (not direct from Deceim) and they even send little info booklets about the products.
I’d love to see @AdoreBeauty do something similar as lots of people have said they’d order from the other site just to get these and I’m pretty sure people would be thrilled at receiving these with their orders.


Amazing! Love this!


Oooooh what a great idea! I’m forever squinting at my bottles trying to work out which one I should be using! lol


These are great!


Me too!! The feedback on the original post on facebook was that everybody seemed to love them with quite a few saying they’d order from that website just to get the stickers, even if it was international! I won’t go that far to get them, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed they might end up on @AdoreBeauty too :smiley:


Fab, fab, fab idea! Would be really handy to have the info from the booklets on the products online too to help people know what each product does/what kind of concern the product addresses. This is the ONLY thing I don’t like about the ordinary is the lack of understandable info on the products for skin concerns.


I think stickers for all of my skincare would be so helpful! Especially as my routine gets more complicated with new serum additions.