Subclinical acne treatments

Subclinical acne treatments


Looking for a product to treat my subclinical acne! Basically I just have heaps of small pimples all over my forehead - not all are red and nasty, but just flesh coloured pimples and they’re everywhere!!! The rest of my face is generally fine though, so just my forehead. My skin is generally oily, but I have some dry patches.

Any advice or ideas for products would be great! :blush:


@annaliu so weird you mention this. My friend was just saying she had the exact same problem with the little pimples and oily skin with dry patches! I’d recommend The Ordinary Niacinamide + Zinc serum. It helps to balance out your skin and also get rid of congestion to stop those pimples coming up.


@annaliu Microdermabrasion would be great for you! And any stimulating active products that boost cellular turnover and balance your oil flow :slight_smile: