Sugaring? Hair removal?

Sugaring? Hair removal?


Hey Girlies!
I know a couple years ago sugaring was a huge hair removal trend, but I was always so skeptical about trying it. Have any of you tried it? Was it relatively priced for what it was? How was your experience?



Id be interested to hear from others who have tried it - it sounds too good to be true!


Ive never made it myself but I once went to a salon for a wax and they said it was sugar wax they were using. I actually found it pretty painful.


Have you ever tried electrolysis? It is more expensive than other methods but I believe it is the only truly permanent hair removal. It took me a little while to completely removed all the hair but it doesnโ€™t grow back at all anymore. I thought it was worth the investment as now I donโ€™t need to do any other hair removal methods.