Sunscreen for the face

Sunscreen for the face


I have combination skin that sometimes gets oily, and am looking for a face sunscreen or moisturiser with sunscreen that won’t make me even oilier.

I recently received a sample of Alpha-H which is quite lovely on but thought I’d ask here for further options. I love the company Moogoo so have this one saved to my list as an option, and their sister company A Bit Hippy has this tinted protection cream with an SPF40 so this is also on my list.

It’s always worth asking everyone here for other options you guys love.


I just ordered this sunscreen/BB combo and can’t wait to try it on holiday when I normally don’t like wearing a full face of makeup. I suspect I could still layer makeup on top of this if I needed more coverage.

I use the SPF fluid from La Roche-Posay for my body and really like the way it absorbs so hoping this is a winner!


@kyliecavanough I’m not quite sure about sunscreen/moisturiser but one thing that may also help you out is mineral makeup powder. Mineral foundation usually has naturally occurring zinc in it so generally has a degree of sunscreen protection in it and also helps keep the oiliness at bay


I second the mineral powder makeup! I use this one from Jane Iredale, and I think it’s great for incidental sun exposure but I don’t rely on it for the days when I’m spending hours in the sun as the SPF is only 15.


Neutrogena Pure & Free Liquid Sunscreen is the best sunscreen for the face


The alpha h moisturiser with 50 SPF is really really nice. The 30 SPF is actually a bit thicker, the 50 is a really nice, light texture.


I have that one! I really liked it but have only used it a couple of times. In the description it says it’s not really suitable for oily skin and I tend to get a little oily so I’ve not wanted to wear it out in case I become a shiny mess!! I love that it’s lightly tinted too, just to even out my skin tone. Apparently the thicker SPF 30 is better for oilier skin, but it’s not tinted which is a bit of a bummer.