Sunscreen recommendations for highly sensitive skin

Sunscreen recommendations for highly sensitive skin


Hi, I’m looking for a sunscreen that’s not tinted and cosmetically elegant for daily wear to work for my super sensitive skin. Every sunscreen I’ve tried seems to cause a rash and red patches on my skin. I’ve noticed that they are all mostly chemical sunscreens so it may be the chemical filters that are causing the rash? So my question is, does anyone know of a high SPF sunscreen that is made of physical filters for sensitive skin that doesn’t cause shininess or oiliness? Chemical recommendations are also welcome if you know they’re okay for sensitive skin! Thank you :smiley:


Oh I hear you! I hate wearing thick heavy sunscreen on my face as it seems to react quite badly to SPFs.

Two that I like:

This is my favourite and I’d wear it all the time if it had a higher SPF. I wear this one when I’m going to layer up with mineral makeup (also containing SPF) on days when I’m not outside for long.

On days when I’m not planning to wear makeup or I’m going to be outside a lot then I go with this one. Their body sunscreen is excellent too.


Thanks for the recommendations!


You’re welcome! Let us know how you go with anything you try! :blush: