Super sensitive dry mature skin

Super sensitive dry mature skin


I was hoping to get some help with a moisturiser and/or serum to help my aging sensitive skin. I currently use Cetaphil which doesn’t make my face react but has no benefits other than a basic moisturiser and some rosehip oil. I have to be very careful what I put on my face as i have had some serious burns from not testing but I need more from a skincare product and wondered if anyone had any advice for me.

I also have issues with my eyes and have had issues with some face creams irritating my eyes even though I avoid that area…it just seems to travel there, so I don’t currently use anything around the eyes.


hey @micheleparry, have you tried a Hyaluronic Acid? They’re great for hydrating and plumping up your skin. I only just discovered them this year and it’s changed my life. My favourites are from The Ordinary and Hylamide.

I also recently discovered Inika’s mineral liquid foundation which has Hyaluronic Acid in it as well and love it! It makes my skin feel so soft and supple and it’s all organic so would be great for sensitive skin.


Thanks @christined I was looking at The Ordinarys Hyalauonic Acid and thought I would try it out but was worried about reactions but at least at that price I haven’t lost too much. Cant tell you the money I have wasted on trialing things on my skin so I usually try and get samples but that’s a really good price.

I did look ath the Inka range before I was lucky enough to find The Laura MerciaPressed Powder which I have had no reactions too and the lady In Myers offered me a full refund if I did which was so nice. I havent seen that one though so I may have a try of that one.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


@micheleparry Hi Michele, it sounds like you have similar skin to my partner, his skin used to go red and flakey even when using cetaphil or QV. He was took scared to try anything else.
I since have looked into Clinque and to my surprise, the men’s range of skincare has cleared up the redness and stop the skin from flaking. He uses the oil control mattifying moisturizer at night, and for the day the SPF 21 moisturizer. Now I get this is the mens range, surely there is a version for women, I suggest that you try clinque, perhaps try and get a sample to try.
(@AdoreBeauty maybe you could help?) Good luck, i hope you find something.


Thanks @lynnemcallister I always thought that Clinique would be like other beauty products and would burn my skin but its good to know it agrees with your husbands skin. I will try and track down some samples to test. Thanks for this and Ill take the mens range if it works :wink: