Taming curly hair!

Taming curly hair!


Help! My natural curls make me look like a homeless person. So alas, the straightening iron is my best friend most of the time.
What are your favourite products to tame your curly mane and get lush curls without them being greasy or getting hard and crunchy?


Moroccan oil Smoothing Shampoo and conditioner as well as the Smoothing lotion. Also the defining curl cream is good too. Non greasy but sans crunch… just nice definition!

Can you tell I just love Moroccan Oil?! :joy:


Will have to give it a try @alanarichter! I’ve only ever used their smoothing oil before. Do you think the defining curl cream would be enough without using the shampoo and conditioner?


Absolutely! Before I started using the shampoo and conditioner from Moroccan Oil I was using Dove Intensive Repair shampoo & conditioner which I actually still do alternate between because it does get a bit expensive since my hair is so thick and I go through a lot of conditioner :weary:


I only wash my hair in conditioner as shampoo dries it out too much. I rinse and then put in a little more conditioner which I don’t wash out. But my go-to product in between is Alchemy leave in conditioner. After wetting my hair in the morning I scrunch this product through.


@digreenaway I’ve vaguely heard about conditioner only washing. Does it actually do the trick with cleaning out? Doesn’t leave your hair oily?


It takes a bit of time (about 8 weeks) for your hair and scalp to get acclimatized.

For a while your hair feels like wool. Your hair doesn’t feel that great but it does not get too oily. You have to persevere.

Now I wash my hair about every 7-10 days, it is curlier and healthier, though still dry-ish.
I used shampoo by mistake once and it felt stripped of moisture and very dry.

I did this regime after I read a book called Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. After years of fighting my curls and straightening them and cutting my hair short to “tame” it, I now love my curls. I do have bad days, naturally but not as many as before. I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo for 5-6 years now.


@digreenaway wow so interesting! Do you use a particular conditioner to wash with? So you rub the conditioner into the scalp as you would with normal shampoo etc? Might have to try. I have yet to make peace with my curls.


Yes I use my fingertips, or sometimes a plastic thing I have (with teeth- it is like a scalp massager ). I vary my conditioner but usually varies between Head and Shoulders (as I get flakey scalp) and other “Curly” conditioners. The one I leave in at the end of my wash is Pantene Daily Moisturising Conditioner.

Be warned you have to get through the first stage before you see improvements , it will happen.

I like that I don’t have to wash my hair very often which I find a hassel as it takes so long to dry. NB I never use a hairdryer and I sleep with it in a ponytail on top of my head (pineapple) and I have a satin pillowcase.


There is a facebook page for Australian curlies - it’s worth joining and looking at all of their information files. To start with ditch products with sulfates and silicones in them. The person above who was having issues with dryness and the aveda product is because it has silicone in it which is preventing her conditioner from penetrating the hair. Google CG method and you will find a heap of information.


Hey @tinamiller welcome to the forum! This is so interesting re sulfates and silicones. I’ve never heard this before. To be honest I am just in denial about my curls and I straighten them 98% of the time. Any particular shampoos and conditioners you recommend?


I find shampooing just once a week helps keep my curls (When worn curly) looking their best - Which still isn’t great! I find it helps to reduce that top layer of frizz that tends to happen. I also pop in the R+Co High Dive Moisture and Shine Crème straight after washing to towel dryed hair and find this leaves it feeling and looking so much healthier (haha deceiving) and keeps the curls defined- no crunch or grease!


Hi Christine! Thank you. Since you’re a Melbourne girl I see from your profile - get yourself to Neel Loves Curls in Fitzroy - his salon is a curly hair paradise lol. They only cut wavy/curly hair, never straighten and the cost of your cut includes a training session on how to look after your curls. As far as products go to get you started, I’d be looking at the natural instincts range at the supermarket. At priceline etc you will find Alchemy hair care and australian botanicals. High end ranges (they can be a little trickier to get in Aus (but Neels salon carries them) are Jessicurl and Innersense. I’d strongly suggest you look up The Curly Girl Method - it can sound daunting when you first read about it - but it’s worth the effort and now that I’ve been doing for a little while - my day to day styling is literally 2 - 3 mins.


Hello ladies,

I also have curly hair so this forum has been extremely useful. Thanks so much for all the info.



Further to this conversation, I have now incorporated using a cotton t-shirt to "towel"dry my hair. Then PLOP it to soak up excess moisture. There are plenty of sites about plopping and Youtube vids. he cotton T is not as rough on your hair as a towel and helps it clump better.


oh interesting @digreenaway! Gosh, wish it wasn’t so much effort though. Just want to be able to throw some product in and let it dry naturally #curlyhairproblems :joy:


@christined I also have curly (more like frizzy, wavy) hair and have been using Olaplex No.3 at home treatment for the last month which I find is helping tame the frizz and define the curls more. It looks healthier too. I wet my hair in the evening, apply and sleep with it overnight then wash out with shampoo and conditioner in the morning.


I have curly, frizzy black hair. And I found a perfect solution to deal with it - Magitec straightening brush. The brush has a built-in ionizer, so it eliminate frizz and promote healthy hair.
Here are reviews on other hair straightening brushes that can potentially fit your hair type: https://mystraightener.com/brush-straightener-black-hair/


I know it sounds like a lot of palaver but once you’ve worked out what technique and products work for your hair it can actually be easier and quicker to look after curly hair on a day to day basis. For instance I now have my ‘routine’ down to: shower - including washing and conditioning hair, applying products x 2, ‘squeeze drying’ with a microfibre towel my (admittedly short) hair and styling on wash day to 20 minutes. Refreshing my curls literally takes 30 secs to I min for the next 2 to 3 days…gotta love that.