Teenage acne

Teenage acne


Hi, i have a 15 yr old girl that has acne. The standard face cleansers and exfoliants do not seem tho work such as clean and clear etc. Can someone please recommend something to try? I don’t think we are at the medication stage as it is only on her face and its not full on but it never seems to get better. TIA


@melissacarrick acne in teenagers is normally a hormonal issue. If you’re not having any luck with beauty products - perhaps you could try working from the inside out with a couple of The Beauty Chef products? I’d recommend the Inner Beauty powder to start. You can just throw it in smoothies for her.

Cosmetic acupuncture could also be worth a try? I’ve heard that it works wonder for acne.


@melissacarrick the trick to managing teenage acne is to get the skin clean without stripping and then protecting.

I found the trick was to keep the skincare routine super simple - otherwise they just won’t use it and that makes for frustration all round!

My youngest was like your 15 yo and I found the following routine really helped:

  1. Cleansing oil like this Sukin one (in fact I like the look of this one so much it’s gone into my own basket!): https://www.adorebeauty.com.au/sukin/sukin-sukin-super-greens-cleansing-oil-125ml.html
    I know an oil cleanser seems counterintuitive - but oil likes oil and oil cleansers leave skin soft and clean feeling

  2. Twice a week in the pm an exfoliating toner with BHA (salicylic acid) like this: https://www.adorebeauty.com.au/medik8/medik8-blemish-control-pads.html
    This will help clear the pores - you could increase this to 4 nights a week over a period of time - but watch for any irritation and back off if skin looks to be getting irritated

  3. Hydrating, non-oily moisturiser: https://www.adorebeauty.com.au/sukin/sukin-oil-balancing-mattifying-facial-moisturiser-125ml.html
    Your teenager can use this day and night

  4. Sunblock am everyday: something lightweight - I love this and use it myself:
    Your teen might find that this is enough by itself for moisture - so can skip this in the morning.

Sunblock becomes even more important than usual when they are using acid toners like the medik8 pads above as it increases the skins sensitivity to the sun.

Sorry for the long winded reply! I hope it helps.


Hey Melissa! Please check out this forum, I think it could really help :blue_heart: