Tell me your secrets: How do you get liner and mascara not to smudge?

Tell me your secrets: How do you get liner and mascara not to smudge?


No matter what I do, I don’t seem to be able to avoid the dreaded panda eyes and I’m always swiping a finger/tissue under my eyes to try and mitigate the issue.

My favourite eyeliner, at the moment, is the Maybelline HyperSharp, which is a liquid pen formula. It’s tapered to a fine point at the tip that allows better control. I find even the waterproof stuff tend to slip and slide despite my earnest efforts to secure - even using the Too Faced eye primer and setting with eyeshadow.
The only mascara that doesn’t end up on the wrong side of my eyeballs is the Kevin Aucoin one but it doesn’t do much for volume and length.

I’m short, please send help and tim tams.
Tell me what you know and share thy devine beauty wisdom to us lowly folk who know how real the struggle is.


*I’m struggling

Also, I’m actually really short but that’s a whole other can of worms.


You’re doing all the things with eyeliner that I would normally recommend - but it might be worth trying with a concealer instead of a primer and then eyeshadow over the top. With mascara - apply a mascara that gets you the desired effect eg extra volume length etc and then put your Kevin Aucoin over the top to seal the other mascara onto your eyelashes - this works a treat.

And, I’m really short too! :wink:


Hey @fatemahammoud have you tried Eye Of Horus? Their eyeliner is amazing. Once it sets it just doesn’t move!! Their mascara is meant to be great too but I’ve never tried it so can’t vouch.


That Kevin Aucoin mascara tip is one I’ve thought of before but was worried it’ll get a little chunky. I’ll give it a go.

I’ve also thought about eyeshadow over the mascara to set it in place, however, I also feel like I would run the risk of messing up a crisp line. I may give it a go as well.

Normally, I would never usually use concealer near my eyeliner because I’d always prefer to just clean up my mistakes rather than cover them. It’s a great idea though, because the concealer isn’t a cover-up, it’s a barrier!

Do you use a different eyeliner? What’s your favourite? I want to use a gel but haven’t had much luck. I’m guessing the liquid pen formula I’m in love with is probably instigating most of my slip and slide issues.


Christine, I’ve definitely heard about this. I might start experimenting with different liner formulas. Perhaps practice makes perfect?


I also tend to dust a bit of setting powder over my eyeliner sometimes which helps. It can be annoying having the powdery residue there afterwards but I try keep it really light and it tends to come off after a few mins or so.


I had the same issue and found, after trying a ton of different liners, that it was mostly my mascara that was causing the panda eyes. My makeup has got combo to oily skin and Qld 40 degree days to contend with and I’ve found the Eye of Horus pencil liner, Stila Stay All Day and Sisley Intense liquid eyeliners are great for staying put all day. I sometimes set my liner with a bit of eyeshadow when I know it will have to be bulletproof against the heat and that helps a lot. Covergirl Super sizer, Loreal Falsie Lash Waterproof and Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge mascaras are the best for not running. The Covergirl works best with a lash primer (I use A Clinique one) but the other two (both tubing mascaras) and all three liners will survive even a two hour karate class intact… even when I don’t :wink:


The quality of your make up does make a difference and I have tended to find that the price of a product has no bearing on its quality.

Personally I like Benefit- they’re real mascaras are pretty good but I have to try out new liquid eyeliners coz my favourite one has been discontinued :sleepy:

I have also found that my environment can make a huge difference on my make up. I can’t stand stuffy office environments the lack of natural air and constant use of cooling/heating systems causes my make up to look terrible by the end of the day

Does this happen to anyone else?


@fatemahammoud sorry about the slow response - I usually tightline my upper lash (I don’t have a lot of eyelid real estate) with a Cailyn eyeliner and use the Bobbi Brown eyeliner gel for the lower lash. However, I can second the Eye of Horus eyeliners that @christined recommended , they are the bomb! I’m just waiting for my current products to be finished (which seems to be taking an eternity can I tell you??) to get my hands on these eyeliners. I once tested one of their liquid eyeliners on the back of my hand and it was still there at the end of the day. This was through cooking, housework, washing hands - that stuff does not move. Also consider what skin care you putting on under your eyes as well - I can’t use more than a hydrating toner in this area otherwise I’m just a smudgy mess. With the eyeshadow - just a touch smudged across stops it looking to crisp and can soften the eyeliner.