Temptu airbrush

Temptu airbrush


Hey I’m just wondering if anyone has the Temptu portable airbrush and what you think of it ? Does it have good coverage ?


Hi Olivia! :slight_smile: Don’t have Temptu airbrush and haven’t tried it. But I’ve read some reviews, and generally the feedback is good. :slight_smile: So it might be worth a try. :wink:


@Vanessa_W have you tried this?


I’ve had this used on me and the coverage was great but not cakey at all. And I have scars, pigmentation and broken capillaries. Anything that can cover all of that in 2 light layers definitely worth looking at I think.


Sadly, I haven’t had the opportunity to try the Temptu Airbrush, however, I have read quite a bit about it.

@oliviakays I’ve only heard great things about the portable airbrush machine. I think a lot of people who do freelancing and own the compressor have now purchased the portable airbrush. With the foundations, they have the SilkSphere Airpod Foundation which is their original foundation. It can be applied as a sheer foundation otherwise you can build it up for a full coverage. It shouldn’t look cakey after application - if by chances it does, just lighting spritz the face and then push the product into the skin with a sponge.