Terax hair care - reformulated

Terax hair care - reformulated


[SIZE=3]Terax products have been recently repackaged and reformulated. Crema, the line’s star product, is the only formula that remains unchanged, albeit for a fresh new fragrance.

Check out the entire range here:

The new packaging is the ones in the darker blue bottles and tubes[/SIZE] .


Looks worthy of a purchase!

Has anyone tried Terax before?


I have just started using the Terax Crema and I absolutely LOVE it!!! I have pretty curly hair that I straighten and colour a lot and it makes my hair beautifully soft - I can’t stop touching it!! Never tried any of the shampoos though, but I think I might give them a go next…


I must get on to Terax crema again, have one of their leave ins but sure I need to include this one along the way, thanks for the reminder!

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Love the Terax products. They rock!! If you haven’t you simply must try these amazing products!


I’m a Crema convert too. Best treatment conditioner I’ve ever used. Makes hair super soft and shiny. New packaging is great but I really liked the old-school tubes!


Holy cow! $60 for a 500ml bottle! :shockedhair: Is it really that good?


[QUOTE=Medusa;11914]Holy cow! $60 for a 500ml bottle! :shockedhair: Is it really that good?[/QUOTE]

Unfortunately, yes! The 500ml seriously lasts for ages although it is a bit hard to handle.


It’s pretty great, and thank god it has a new fragrance because that was the only thing that gave it an A- for me. I don’t think you’d need the big’un unless you like to bathe your head in it every day. Plenty of great hair treatments out there though for much cheaper! Alchemy still rocking my world…


Would you say it was better than Alchemy’s Wheat & Mac conditioner?
I need a serious conditioner & I rate this one.


Hmmmm…that’s a hard one. I like them both! With Crema you only need to leave it on for a few minutes before your hair is silky smooth; I find I need to leave Mac & Wheat on for a bit longer to get the best out of it (what about you?). Crema is also good for chemically straightened or damaged hair, much better than Joico’s K-Pak.

On the flipside Mac & Wheat has that beautiful texture and smell, and you get a great whack of protein out of it. It’s such a good all-rounder. So overall it’d be my pick.


[QUOTE=Medusa;11934]Would you say it was better than Alchemy’s Wheat & Mac conditioner?
I need a serious conditioner & I rate this one.[/QUOTE]

The Terax has an amazing reputation and very much a cult following. You cannot go wrong however with your Alchemy one, see I told you it was good!:glee:


I love the Terax Crema it is great for dry and chemically treated hair! I use it all the time. Well worth the investment I think.


Dang! I saw this product on the clearance table during the DJs post xmas sales but didn’t know what it was. :shakehead: I’ll def have my eagle eyes out for it next time!


Has anyone ever tried the Terax Latte Shampoo. I have had it for ages and never even used it. I also have the Terax life drops alonf with the crema.


I use the life drops. Have they changed the scent of this one - hope so, such a rank smell! (very effective though!!)


Luisa - I’m with you on the life drops, I love what it does to my hair but hesitate every time cos of the smell!

I really like the Alchemy conditioner too, but find the Terax just that little bit better.

Interested in the new Hamadi range on adore though, and how it would compare to Alchemy, it sounds good but seems super expensive in comparison…Might have to think about it a bit more…


Well my eagle eyes were on today & I spotted a great deal on the Terax range. DJs have a sale on throughout the store (good deals go check em out). The Terax promo was buy a shampoo or conditioner & receive your choice of styling product for free! Perfect! :strawberry: So I bought the Crema & got the Life drops for free!! :encore:

I’ll report back with my review later on but in the meantime I am really liking my new Mastey Code Red shampoo & conditioner.


[QUOTE=Luisa Brown;12133]I use the life drops. Have they changed the scent of this one - hope so, such a rank smell! (very effective though!!)[/QUOTE]

I know exactly what you mean Miss Fendi. I got a sample of the life drops ages ago and decided to try it our last weekend. It felt good in my hair but I hated the smell. What’s worse was that after washing my hands several times I could still smell it!


Does Terax have silicones in it? I have noticed my skin on my back breaks out, just like it did when I used to use Pantene. :shakehead: