The $11 Highlighter Our Makeup Artist Is Using Right Now

The $11 Highlighter Our Makeup Artist Is Using Right Now


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If you work in an office of beauty junkies, you’ll hear the question “what highlighter are you wearing?” several times a day. This little question led me to discover an $11.00 bargain that is now my go-to recommendation for anyone looking for a highlighting powder that comes in under budget.

Our resident makeup artist, Vanessa, has been wearing MUA’s Undress Your Skin Highlighter, and has got me on board. This is why you need to try it.


Why You'll Love It:

- I can't go past the price, honestly, you'd spend more on 2 coffees
  • Comes in a pressed powder compact

  • Highly pigmented and buildable formula

  • You can adjust the intensity in your application

  • Available in three shades - Iridescent Gold, Pink Shimmer & Opalescent Amber

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Iridescent Gold applied lightly with a brush to Danielle's cheekbones

Which Shade Is Right For You?

Iridescent Gold: This is my pick of the bunch, as I have fair skin, so the beautiful pearlescent powder gives me the exact finish I'm looking for in a highlighter. I find you can easily wear this formula during the day, and build up the intensity for an evening look.

Pink Shimmer: As the name suggests, this shade has a light pink tone to it, as well as the shimmering aspects of a highlighter, so it can double as a light blush for those of you who want a 2-in-1 product, or it looks beautiful on olive skin tones as a highlighter.

Opalescent Amber: Much like Pink Shimmer, this shade could double as a deeper shimmering blush shade, but it’s most complimentary on medium to deep skin tones as a highlighting powder, as it has a beautiful bronze finish.

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(Top to bottom: Iridescent Gold, Pink Shimmer & Opalescent Amber)

My Pro Tips?

For a super intense highlight, I recommend dampening a clean brush your favourite mist, then picking up the product with the brush before applying. Using a damp brush intensifies the pigment giving you a statement glow.

When dry, this product can be tricky to pick up with a fluffy brush, so I usually use my fingertips (always clean of course) to dab the product on my cheekbones, brow bones, down my nose and on my Cupid’s bow. This gives the skin a subtle, natural, lit from within look.

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