The $15.50 Blush I've Been Using (And Loving) All Summer

The $15.50 Blush I've Been Using (And Loving) All Summer


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Up until I tried this product, I had avoided using blush - to the point that I actually didn’t even own one. Yes, a beauty editor that doesn’t own blush. Why? Because naturally I have quite rosy cheeks, and I thought wearing blush would just make me look more flushed (and not in a good way). Turns out I was so wrong, and now I’m angry at myself for not trying it sooner.

Because I was apprehensive about it, I didn’t want to spend big bucks on something I may never use again. So I bought 3INA’s The Blush in shade 101 Pale Pink - mainly because it’s under $16, and the shades looked really pretty.


Why I'm Loving This Blush:

- It's an easily blendable mineral based powder formula
  • It gives the cheeks a gorgeous luminescent, healthy pop of colour

  • Provides your complexion with an instant pick me up

  • Tiny light-reflective particles ensure skin looks brighter

  • The cashmere-soft texture ensures application is seamless

  • It’s a long-wearing wearing & gives true-to-pan payoff

  • We have three flattering shades designed to work with your skintone

  • It’s super affordable at $15.50

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All skin tones wearing shade 101 - Pale Pink


How To Use:

You're probably wondering why I'm about to tell you how to use blush, because duh it's pretty simple isn't it? Actually no, there's heaps of different ways to apply blush. There's different techniques for applying blush to flatter your face shape, ways of applying various blush formulas, and shades recommended for different skin tones.

I prefer powder blushes, because I find them super easy to customise without going overboard (especially if you aren’t used to applying it). I use Sigma’s F15 Duo Fibre Brush to pick up a small amount of my 3INA blush, before tapping off the excess and gently sweeping it onto the apples of my cheeks up towards my temples.


What's Everyone Saying?

Adding 3INA The Blush to my collection has completely overhauled my makeup routine. It makes my skin look so much brighter, and I feel it adds another dimension to my makeup that bronzer and highlighter can't. It's now a must-have in my kit! I can't be the only one who's fallen in love with this product, so what does everyone else think?

★★★★★ It blends like a dream! - Prableen, Glossy Polish

"Shade 101 is in the midst of pink and orange that enhances your cheeks and makes them look full and glowy. Basically, it is a natural toned blush that people with fair skin tones can use on a daily basis. It has a matte finish and is powdery without being chalky or flaky. It has an amazing coverage that is buildable. Use with a light hand for just a kiss of colour or layer on for a dramatic look. I personally use this beautiful blush for all the outings I go to. After using this you probably are going to spend a lot of money shopping in this brand and I’m not even kidding on that…"

★★★★★ Brilliant - Claudia, Claudia Daily

"Boy oh boy this 3INA blush is brilliant. With a finely milled powder formula, a fantastic shade range, incredible staying power and ability to be blended, this really is a winning product. I got the shade 103 and it is a beautiful dark rose shade. This blush gets a massive thumbs up!"

★★★★★ So lovely! - Thereseanne, A Blonde On The Go

"This is a lovely creamy yet lightweight blush which applies beautifully. This subtle peachy shade gives you a natural looking flush – definitely the perfect shade for when you want that no makeup look. The packaging is super sleek and sturdy which is always a plus."

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