The Beauty Chef! Anyone tried their products?

The Beauty Chef! Anyone tried their products?


I’m so intrigued by The Beauty Chef! Their products are both a mix of beauty powder edibles which you add to your smoothies or drinks to help improve your skin as well as natural creams and serums etc. I’ve heard amazing things about them! Curious to know if anyone’s tried them? I’m particularly keen to try the Inner Glow powder.


I use the Glow and the Body. The body I use to replace a meal and I’ve lost weight and feel great. The Glow took about a month to 6 weeks for me to notice how strong my nails had become and how clear my skin was. Originally I started them for the pre and pro biotics as my system was out of whack and they have really helped. I love the taste of the Glow, it’s very refreshing on a hot day. The Body I found goes best in rice or almond milk as they are a bit thinner than cows milk and as long as you mix it really well it’s delicious. At first I thought they were expensive but now I would not be without either of them. I’ve tried the Clesnse. For a detox it was fine but every day it was a bit yuck. Try them out,I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Well that sounds amazing @leizamonahan! I have looked at these, like yourself for the vitmains and probiotix boost. But to know this actually works and the additional benefits to your health really makes me want to give this a go now!
Great feed @christined, so glad you asked that question!


Oh wow @leizamonahan, that sounds impressive! What sort of flavour are they?


The Body comes in vanilla and chocolate. I have not tried the vanilla but the chocolate is yumm. The Glow looks green but turns red when you add it to water because of the berry content. I love the flavour but if it’s a bit much for you just add more water. I’ve heard people sprinkle it on cereal or add it to yoghurt. I recently purchased a 3 pack of her liquid boosters, Collogen, Antioxident and Hydrate. It’s too early yet to say how well they work but if they are like her other products they are sure to boost my immune system and make me feel even better if that’s possible. These have fixed what I thought was a never ending tummy upset and I’ll never be without them.


sounds good does cost much l am not very well and l losing weight very quickly l wonder it as because l am not well it might give heathier look as because l am not l look tired all the time and not eatting much it might give some vitamins to help me


You can get hospital grade ‘Sustagen’ in the chemist which is supposed to be a completely nutritious meal replacement. It might be worth googling the ingredients of both to see which would be the best option for you. I use the Body as a meal replacement as I can not eat in the mornings and I feel so so much better since taking this. I would not pay full price as it’s way too expensive that way. If you phone the TV station TVSN and ask when the next Carla Oats show is on i highly recommend watching it. She will explain everything about her products like how it’s made and the purity of I the ingredients. When she does a show on TVSN they have her drinks heavily discounted like 3 for the price of 2 and other specials which is the only way I can afford to buy them. Just so I don’t run out ( it’s that good I won’t go without it now) I will buy a single jar here to get me through. And Yes I HATE telly shopping but this is the one way I have learnt everything about her products which has been a wealth of information. I’ve yet to try her external creams and other things if anyone out there could tell me if they have tried them and what they thought. Thanks.


Before you waste your money on vitamins, her ‘Body’ works out to be around $4 a serve if you get it at full price and just for the way it’s made me feel it’s worth every bit but then add in the health benefits and it’s not expensive.


Do you just have them with water @leizamonahan? Or do you mix them into smoothies etc? Can you maybe even mix with yoghurt?