The Key To Tackling Fine Hair, Naturally

The Key To Tackling Fine Hair, Naturally


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I have fine hair myself, so I understand how hard is actually is to get any sort of volume in your hair. Trust me, I’ve tried everything. I currently use quite a few volumising products that fall into the more expensive haircare category, so I wanted to tell you about a more affordable everyday option. Does Klorane sound familiar?

This French haircare brand is known for their high-quality plant-based products - and how could I forget their best-selling dry shampoo? So since we’re here to talk about fine hair, let’s find out more about Klorane’s Flax Fiber range.

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Why Flax Fiber?

Klorane harvest flax seeds from fields of pale blue flowering plants in the southwest of France in compliance with organic farming standards (sounds super fancy, doesn't it?). The seeds are collected at full ripeness and their rich contents extracted to produce the ingredient used in Klorane's Flax range. The range is designed to give the hair natural support while plumping it up to provide volume at the roots and through the ends.

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The Range:

The Flax range features a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in volumising spray, all for under $25 - so if you're fairly low-key with your hair like I am, these will fit perfectly into your regime.

Klorane Shampoo with Flax Fiber

- This is a silicone-free & paraben-free shampoo
  • The lightweight formula cleanses the hair & detangles

  • Adds body without weighing down fine, flat hair

  • Leaves hair with added fullness, volume & texture

★★★★★ In love with this product - Betsy

"This is such a great product! It last for ages, and you only need less than a pea size amount to thoroughly cleanse long hair from root to tip. It smells nice, and does not leave a residue, it works great with the spray and the conditioner to make your hair shiny, clean and voluminous. It gives your hair plenty of bounce and shine, and makes me feel like a movie star. Its very cheap for how long it lasts."  

Klorane Conditioner with Flax Fiber

- This ultra-light, non-greasy formula is ideal for fine hair types
  • It detangles hair while adding body and volume from the roots to the ends

  • Leaves your hair with added softness & shine

  • Has a transparent, gel-like consistency

★★★★★ Good choice for fine hair - CherryPie

"I really like the volumising flax range from Klorane. I was so surprised when I first used this conditioner as it is a transparent gel and I was expecting a creamy balm, like others I have used from Klorane. The conditioner feels light but nourishing and leaves my hair full and bouncy. I love the way my hair looks when freshly washed and this is one of the best volumising ranges I have used to date. It smells nice, is silicone free, gentle on my scalp and definitely increases volume temporarily."


Klorane Leave-in Spray with Flax Fiber

- This leave-in spray provides instant volume to fine, flat hair
  • Lifts at the roots, adds texture & gives the hair body without weighing it down

  • Provides long-lasting volume & fullness, making styling easier

  • Can be used on damp or dry hair for a volume boost

★★★★★ It works! - Louise

"I really did find this product gave my hair the volume I've always been looking for. My hair is fair and I've been colouring it since I was 15 so it is quite dry. This product gave me volume while not making my hair feel too dry or straw like. Would recommend for fine hair types that need a little volume."

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