The Must-Have Brush Set Our Own Makeup Artist Recommends

The Must-Have Brush Set Our Own Makeup Artist Recommends


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Sigma has really influenced the beauty industry in recent years, changing the brush game for good - introducing a variety of brush types and sets, within an affordable price range. This has made high-quality brushes accessible to professionals and amateurs alike, so we can all have the best application tools!

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What You Need To Know About Sigma:

The quality of Sigma’s brushes is on par with other high-end brands, without the price tag. The brush fibres are made from their own patented designed synthetic fibres, which are designed to softly apply product to the skin and efficiently collect and apply any powder, cream or liquid product.

The fibres have been constructed to ensure they don’t absorb all the product - instead distributing the product evenly onto your skin. Made from hypoallergenic materials, each fibre has been hand designed to ensure your brushes last you a lifetime.

Each brush is individually sanded and polished, then they receive 8 generous layers of prime coat and paint. The metal component on the brush is specially designed so it doesn’t rust or corrode for maximum durability. Plus, they’re cruelty free and do not contain any animal hair!

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My Must-Have Set:

If you’re going to invest in some everyday brushes, I highly recommend Sigma’s Most Wanted Set. It contains five multi-purpose brushes that have your whole application covered. This is what the kit includes:

E25 - Blending:

- This small blending brush has long, firm bristles with a rounded head

- Perfect tool to use when applying, or blending eyeshadow

- It will give you control of your blending and help to fade out any harsh lines

Pro Tip: If you are looking for a controlled, precise application when applying your powder or cream highlight, you can use this brush. If you want to blend out any harsh lines, I’d recommend using this brush clean, without any product on it.

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E30 - Pencil:

- The firmness of this brush is fantastic for packing shadow onto the eyes

- Traditionally it’s used to soften pencil eyeliner on your top lash line or bottom lashes

- The tapered tip it makes it perfect for smaller areas such as an inner corner highlight


E40 - Tapered Blending:

- This tapered blending brush is fluffy, with soft blending bristles

- It can be used to lightly diffuse any shadow product

  • This brush can also be used to apply highlighting products

Pro Tip: Gently tap the brush into your shadow then starting from the centre sweep back and forth through the crease, or use above to apply a transitional shade.


F35 - Tapered Highlighter:

- For a subtle highlight, this brush will diffuse the product for a natural glow

- You could also use this brush to contour the face

- Can be used to apply powder blush, as it allows you to sweep the product


F80 - Flat Kabuki:

- The flat brush head makes it perfect for any liquid or cream products

- It will buff out and blend your product into the skin seamlessly

- Reduces any absorption or excessive product loss

Pro Tip: You could also use this product on the body to apply foundation, body makeup, shimmers or any body moisturisers.


What's Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ Perfect Starter Kit!!

"I recently received my Most Wanted Brush Kit in the mail and I could not be happier. I have always had low quality brushes and I decided it was time to step up my game. This kit is perfect because it has all the basics! My eyeshadow has never looked so good, these brushes make it so easy to apply and blend the product on your lids. The kabuki brush applies my foundation flawlessly! No shedding and super easy to clean as well. I will be buying more from Sigma!"

★★★★★ It's called the most wanted set for a reason

"Every makeup brush I used from this set was phenomenal and worth every penny I spent on it! I bought this set over a year ago when I first heard about Sigma brushes, I was really late to the beauty game, but when I finally tried them I was amazed. I have never had a bad makeup application with any of the brushes. All in all, I don't have a bad thing to say about these brushes or any of their other brushes, I'm actually saving up some money to buy their Copper Brush set that has around 20 brushes for $200, every penny is worth it.

★★★★★ Not Just Hype

"I am very impressed, not just with the brushes, but with Sigma as a whole. First off, the brushes are amazing. Every positive thing you hear about them is true. Although I am a PRO, these brushes would help anyone apply make up beautifully. From the quality of the brushed to the way they are packaged... tops!"

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I have been using the Mac pencil brush which is fantastic for it’s purpose. I didn’t realize that Sigma had one so I will purchase it in my next order to see how it compares and I do need another one. Pencil brushes are the best thing as they place product exactly where you want it, lower lash line and upper lash line. I use it as an eyeliner using partly wet eyeshadow sometimes.