The Ordinary brand for skincare. Winter. 41 yo

The Ordinary brand for skincare. Winter. 41 yo


HI There!
I’m wondering if you lovely ladies can offer some advice.
I have really dry skin right now in Winter in Australia and I’m trying to find a balance with my skincare routine. And I have been reading about Collagen, Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid etc. The mind boggles with so much information!
I’ve been checking out The Originals brand and wondering if you can offer any advice
I cleanse, use serum, moisturise, eye cream etc. But I’m finding my skin particularly dry right now.
QU: What is a good place to start with The Originals range? Since I’m 41 now, I’m trying to look at anti aging more these days!
Thanks very much, NIcole.


Hey @nicolestacewicz! Welcome to the forum. Did you mean “The Ordinary” range? I haven’t tried their products yet (though I’m dying to. It’s on the wishlist) but I have been using the hyaluronic acid product from their sister range Hylamide. I put it on every morning before brushing on mineral makeup and it’s done wonders to help plump my skin and keep it hydrated.

If you want to stick to something from The Ordinary range I’d say their Hyaluronic Acid is a good place to start!


Hi @christined, oh yes, that’s it! LOL. The Ordinary range. Thank you. I’ll check out the HA product and take it from there :smile:


@nicolestacewicz I’ve been using the hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary for the last month and it’s made a big difference to my winter skin. No more patchy dry bits! It seems to help my serums and moisturises “suck” in to the skin more evenly.


Hey @nicolestacewicz!

The Hyaluronic Acid in the Ordinary range is absolutely fantastic, and definitely something I’d highly recommend looking into for winter - I definitely find I need to boost my hydration levels in winter, and that is a great product for doing so.

Another one that I find great is the Buffet:

It’s quite a hydrating serum (with extra Hyaluronic Acid to boot), but it’s also got a peptide complex, so if you’re looking to start with some more anti-ageing products this is a great way to do it. It gives you that extra hydration while still helping to prevent loss of firmness and elasticity in the skin.

Of course, Retinols are also a great thing to introduce to an anti ageing routine, and this one is gentle but still quite effective on the skin:

For reducing fine lines and brightening the skin, it really is wonderful. I’d suggest using this once or twice a week while your skin adjusts, then increasing usage (and using it only at night) to every second night.

I hope this helps!


Hi @tresnalee, Thanks for the reply! Good to know that it works well for you and made a difference in winter. [I need to take better care in winter!!]


Hi @alexandraraymond, Thanks for the reply! I noticed there are a fair few products in this range, that I’ve never heard of! I was thinking of starting with Buffet and Retinoid 2%. Can I include the THE ORDINARY HYALURONIC ACID 2% + B5 aswell or will that be too much? Will I need a separate moisturiser or will these guys do the job on their own? Maybe it might be worth trialing to see what works for my skin, but I thought I’d ask :slight_smile: Thanks!!


@alexandraraymond, while I think of it, I usually use an eye cream but unsure if I need to get one/or will these guys work? [you may not know, but thought I’d ask] thx


Hey @nicolestacewicz, One of the other girls might know better but I think an eye cream might have to be separate as the eye area is usually more sensitive than the rest of our skin. Again, I’m on the Hylamide train here as opposed to The Ordinary but I’ve heard this product is really good and have been keen to try it… The Ordinary may have something good as well though. I haven’t had a solid look at their eye cream options.


@nicolestacewicz it’s so hard keeping on top of the maintenance in winter I know! I really struggle with all over dehydration :unamused:


@tresnalee I know! It’s so sad seeing my face so dry when I see it so much more hydrated in summer. Makes me want to skip winter all together :wink:


@nicolestacewicz just saw your question!

Re: Can I include the THE ORDINARY HYALURONIC ACID 2% + B5 aswell or will that be too much?

You can certainly use Hyaluronic as well as Buffet, however there’s already forms of hylaronic acid in Buffet so there’s no need to do both. When in doubt - you can always use more Hyaluronic because it’s just a great hydrator. But, you wont need to!

Re: Will I need a separate moisturiser or will these guys do the job on their own?

Definitely moisturise as usual! If your moisturiser contains active ingredients, you will want to start introducing the Retinoid into your routine slowly - once or twice a week for the first few weeks, working up to alternating nights.

I hope this helps :smiley:


@alexandraraymond may disagree, but I prefer to not have separate eye creams or serums. A lot of the time, fine lines around the eye area can be well addressed with hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic - so the Ordinary’s Hyalronic Acid would most likely improve this for you assuming dehydration and fine lines are your primary concern. Especially in winter, where we are often indoors under a warm heater that can be really damaging to the skin!


oh this is good news for lazy people like me @Shannon_Staff! I have always been under the impression the eye area is sensitive and needs separate formulas.


I can see why people prefer to use a different cream for the eye area especially as a lightweight cream is more comfortable to me personally, but personally between using Hyaluronic Acid serums and a decent moisturiser and SPF for years, I’m happy with how my eye area is going!