The Ordinary for 45+

The Ordinary for 45+



I’m keen to jump into the world of The Ordinary but can’t decide what products are right for my skin. I’m 47 with combination skin and am looking for help with dehydration on my cheeks, fine lines (mainly around the eyes) and blemishes/pigmentation. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


@Tj2000 I’m younger but for dehydration I would highly recommend the Squalane!! I use it everyday under my makeup and just rub a light amount across my face, leave it for a minute to let it absorb (it absorbs really well!) and then pop my makeup over (I use mineral powder which works well over the squalane.

For pigmentation I would recommend Vitamin C. I personally have been using The Vit C Suspension 23% which is potent but it’s a little gritty in texture so can only really use it before going to sleep. Other people have said they really like the Vit C Suspension 30% In Silicone because it’s not gritty and glides on better.


Hi @Tj2000 combination skin with dehydration is a nightmare! I feel you! For dehydration 100% recommend a Hyaluronic Acid, we have this acid naturally occurring within our skin that helps nourish all our fibers (elasticity and collagen) however as we age it diminishes, so applying a HA topically will work wonders this one is from The Ordinary so you’re in luck there. For eyes, I’d recommend a good eye serum. And for general skin ageing, blemishes, pigmentation I’d get onto vitamin C, A and E.

Good luck!