The ordinary foundation

The ordinary foundation


I am in love with this product! I got the serum one too but haven’t used it yet. How is everyone finding it?


I have been dying to hear people’s feedback @dallaslegg! I haven’t tried one yet. Did you do alright picking which shade was right for you?


I got 1.2 and 2.0 in pink and 1.2 too light so I’m mixing them to use it up.


I used my ordinary serum foundation today for the first time. Love love love. Also got two compliments on my ‘glowing skin’!


Want to try the foundation but a bit nervous about colour selection … any tips??


I think Wayne Goss (Youtube) has colour matched these to the MAC foundations. I just guessed and got it right with 2.0pink. I have found that using the foundation on its own with no primer works much better for me. Primer just made a bit of a mess of the foundation.


@lisasmart The “Findation” website might help? It allows you to try figure out your foundation shades with certain brands based on other brands you use.


I think if you go to the ordinary website you can colour match? I think the colour range is excellent. The lightest shade is very light which is surprisingly great - I could probably go one shade down and be fine.