The Ordinary Foundations

The Ordinary Foundations


Has anyone been luckly enough to try either of their foundations yet? Im really looking forward to trying it. :blush::grin:


Not yet! I don’t think they’re out here in Aus anywhere yet. I’m dying to try too!


Im keen to try too!!


We have a waiting list of THOUSANDS! I haven’t even tried them myself yet, they were supposed to launch here in May but they just couldn’t get enough stock for Australia.
November now, I’m told…


I’ve got both and they are amazing. I used to use Christian Dior but I love these!


@simonettegibson how have you made this happen!
Can you let us know a little more about your experience? Texture, colours, feel, wear compared to other foundations you have used?


@simonettegibson Im so looking forward to trying it. I have combo skin, so hoping it will be good for shine free too? How did you find it.:blush: