The Ordinary Reviews

The Ordinary Reviews


I’m curious to know what are everyone’s fave products from the Ordinary? and what skin concerns you’re using them for?


@jessicathompson you’ve come to the right place! I think a lot of us have been raving and ranting about The Ordinary and it’s awesome price points. I’m currently using The Buffet which is gorgeous for keeping my skin hydrated and plump. I put it on in the mornings under my mineral makeup powder and don’t have to bother with a moisturiser when I use it. It also makes my skin all nice and dewey!


I will have to try it thank you! So far I’m loving the caffeine serum for my dark circles and the Hyluaronic acid for overall hydration.


@jessicathompson oh I was curious about the caffeine serum. So it works? What difference have you noticed and how long did you have to use it to see the difference?