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I can’t believe what great value The Ordinary products are! They’re all under $20 which seems crazy to me. My question is - do they work? What have you tried and what do you love?

I’ve just purchased the Hyaluronic Acid and I’m interested to see if it helps my dry winter skin. Do I put it on before other serums and moisturiser?

Oily, blemish prone skin and The Ordinary


At this stage, I’m one step from ambushing unsuspecting citizens with my love of this range, popping out of rubbish bins, hijacking radio stations and broadcasting ‘U NEED DIS’…

Here are some of my favs! I have more in-depth reviews on each page, but here’s who they’re good for:

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%: great for all skin types! This has reduced redness, seems to really help my blemishes not appear so inflamed, and has balanced out my combo skin while keeping it really hydrated. Love love love, I’m on bottle #3.

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5: I have been bouncing around a lot between different hyaluronic acid serums, but this one works just as well as the ones ten times the cost and my skin is hydrated, flakiness reduced. I’m on my second bottle and I’m not tempted by other brands.

Natural Moisturising Factors + HA: this is a very solid moisturiser at an incredibly low price. It’s protective, it’s hydrating, it locks in moisture. Heaps of goodies for people who don’t want more than one step - this is now all my partner uses. I’ve also given this a few times to my male friends!

Vitamin C 23%: oh boy. My god this is good. To be honest, I don’t use this on my face, I use it on my arms to fade freckles. This is very potent! I’m only halfway through a tube and I can already see results.

Other products I love, but don’t use daily - Lactic Acid 5%, Rosehip Oil, Salicylic Acid.


@Shannon_Staff you are the oracle! I am now so excited about trying my first product from the range. Your enthusiasm has me sold!

Like the sound of the moisturiser being easy for guys. Might get my husband some :+1:


I’ve used the NMF+HA moisturiser, it’s not hydrating enough for me on its own so I layer it under other stuff. Would suit combo skin.

I have an unopened bottle of the advanced retinoid ready to go - trying to finish up my Cosmedix Refine Plus first (which is challenging, I can only use it once a week otherwise my skin starts peeling :scream:)


Peeling! :scream:I use the Cosmedix regular refine a few times a week with no issue… would be interested to see if The Ordinary could give me the same results at a better price!


Yeah Kate I’m in the same boat - wanting to switch completely from Aspect Exfol L 15 to the Lactic 5%, but at the moment I’m using both alternatively. They’re both very good but I think the Lactic 5% might be a bit better suited to my skin - it’s a bit more gentle/hydrating in my experience.


Has anyone tried the foundation? What are the shades like? I’m neutral in Clinique even better so am guessing I’d be neutral in the ordinary


I am LOVING The Ordinary products so far! Amazing quality and unbelievably good value!

I’ve been using the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% for my oily, blemish-prone skin, and using this at least once a day (often twice - morning and evening) has definitely reduced the amount of oil my face produces as I’m no longer an oil slick come the afternoon, and it’s also helped clear out gunk in the pores in my nose, and even though it’s not an acne treatment/medication, I’ve noticed a lot less congestion on my jawline, which is where I generally get blind pimples and cystic acne, which is AMAZING. All without any irritation/redness/dryness, which I get with a lot of products (supposedly) specifically for my skin type. I’ve already told one friend with similar skin to buy it, and I’ll be buying it as a gift for another friend because everyone with oily skin needs it in their life.

I also use the Natural Moisturising Factors + HA as my night moisturiser (over the above serum), which has definitely been helping keep my skin hydrated without me waking up with an oily face, or making me break out.

My mum has been looking at serums for ages, so I’ve bought her the Buffet to try.

Finally, I’m so gosh darn anxious to try both foundations once they arrive!


@hayleywatson, I’ve been considering buying the NIacinamide 10% + Zinc… However, my skin isn’t oily, so no problems in that department. Apart from cleaning out your pores, is there anything else you would recommend it for? Does it generally just help with giving your skin more brightness, clarity, smoothness etc?


Gonna jump in as I love this one and I’ve been recommending it a lot to other people, I should get Lauren from the warehouse team in on this thread to talk about her results from what I conned her into buying :wink:

Niacinamide is an antioxidant that protects your skin throughout the day, it’s also anti-inflammatory so if you’re using chemical exfoliants at night (which from other threads I think you’ve mentioned!) it’s a great one. I’ve heard that it can boost collagen production , and helps even out the skin tone with long term use.

I can’t think of any reason not to give it a go (allergies etc notwithstanding) - especially if you aren’t already using a serum during the day. The price point makes it hard to pass up in my opinion :slight_smile:


Ok you’ve won me over @shannon_staff ! Going to have to give it a go. I mean, I think I’ve possibly almost spent the same amount of money for a bloody organic almond milk chai or something ridiculous here in Melbourne so what’s to lose! :joy:


lmao! yeah i’ve easily spent more on avocado toast than i have on the ordinary :laughing:


All excellent points @Shannon_Staff! It’s definitely helped calm my skin, and whilst I still get hormonal breakouts ( -_- ) it’s certainly helped reduce the number of breakouts and their severity, and my skin is generally clearer, calmer, and smoother, and it takes a lot more for my skin to get irritated these days so I can vouch for its anti-inflammatory properties. And really, when it’s under a tenner, you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try!


Has anyone used both skinstitut and the Ordinary? I recently started using Skinstitut after reading great reviews but I’m very intrigued by The Ordinary range and it’s amazing price point!! Wondering which might be better.


@shannon_staff I need your Ordinary expertise as I venture into my first Ordinary purchase… If I were to try 2 products to start out, which would you recommend? I’m keen for something to help with keeping skin looking smooth and plump, would love something that helps with pigmentation that comes from blemishes and keeps fine lines at bay. I still have some Hylamide HA so don’t need HA for now. Was sort of bouncing around between trying the Vitamin C, The Buffet or the Retinoid. Thoughts?


OOoh sorry I didn’t see this earlier! Yes! Skinsitut are fantastic for their cleansers and exfoliators, but The Ordinary is my go-to for serums and I prefer their moisturiser (Natural Moisturising Factors) :slight_smile:

Really you can have a routine that includes both brands if that’s what you need. Let me know if you want some ideas!


My top two products for people new to The Ordinary with skin concerns like yours, I’d recommend this combo:

For all that this Vitamin C serum has an unpronouncable name, this is a beautiful Vitamin C serum that will help protect your skin from the signs of ageing. Unlike a lot of other Vitamin C serums that are probably too powerful which can cause more problems than solve (it can be exfoliating on the skin!), it’s a perfect balance of effective yet comfortable enough for every day. I should really review this! Having used all the Vitamin Cs from The Ordinary, this is my fav.

You could go Retinoid or Buffet! You could actually go both, and use on alternating nights.

If that sounds like too much work (lol it does to me) I’d go with the Retinoid. This will give you the results you’re after especially for the pigmentation and smoothness, in a few months.

BUT if you’re the type of person to accidentally go too hard on an active ingredient, Buffet is a safer choice - it’s still going to give you that smooth, plump, radiant finish but the bonus here is that you can overdo this by accident and your skin shouldn’t get irritated.


:blush: I keep bouncing between which product to buy to test out. Currently using skinstitut lactic cleanser, glycolic scrub and retinol Recently purchased the oily skin moisturiser but not in love with that one. The scrub I use once a week and it leaves my skin feeling great but feels slightly rough and wondering if I need something more gentle. Love the retinal, when I miss a few nights thinking it makes no difference the morning after returning to it again my skin is so obviously clearer and brighter! The cleanser is slightly drying but I’m looking at introducing a rose hip oil to the mix.
Whew, sorry for the life story!! :joy: Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated, despite. Ring in my 40’s I’m fairly new to a lot of skincare. My skin is blemish prone, combination and Ive just started getting a few lines around my eyes.
:kissing_heart: Thankyiu


Awesome! Thanks @Shannon_Staff these sound like great options to start! :slight_smile:


What a great thread and I need some advice about The Ordinary range please. I’d like to start simple. I have combination skin that is breaking out right now in winter around the chin, forehead, jawline and cheeks. I’d also like to reduce pores on my cheeks. I currently use The Jojoba Company serum & Swisse SPF30 tinted moisturiser in the morning. I cleanse with Swisse Hydrating cleanser at night and add TJC serum along with a moisturiser I’ve made from shea butter, coconut oil, bees wax, vit E and lavender essential oil. I’m finding this routine is just not cutting it! QU: Where do you recommend I start with The Ordinary range? I was thinking HYALURONIC ACID 2% + B5 for hydration + ADVANCED RETINOID 2% for anti-aging. I like your recommendations suggested @Shannon_Staff, so am interested to see what you think for myself. Thank you. Appreciate the help. :slight_smile: