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@nicolestacewicz I’m just waiting on an order of The Ordinary Buffet (which is supposed to be good to cover a range of things like anti-ageing, hydration, plumping etc) right now so I’ll let you know how that goes once I’ve given it a try. I was going to try one of their Vitamin Cs but I’m worried my skin might be a bit sensitive to it as they can be potent.


Hey everyone, I’m new here. I just purchased the THE ORDINARY GLYCOLIC ACID 7% TONING SOLUTION. Received it today. I have very sensitive, dry pigmented skin. So far first use felt fine. I’m also pregnant so extra sensitive. No reactions, it felt mild. Might purchase more from The Ordinary once I finish reading everyone’s recommendations on skincare for pigmentation. Can I just add, I’m so happy I just found this forum. Best thing ever! Love talking about skin care & beauty products. My husband thinks I’m mad.


@MelissaD Big warm welcome to the forum. You’ve come to the right place… because if you’re mad well then I’m also mad… we’re all mad around here! :joy:

Would love to hear how your skin goes after regular use of the Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution. Have you started using it in lieu of a different product you used to use? I’d be curious to hear how it differs.
I’ve heard that the Vitamin C products from The Ordinary can be really good for pigmentation. I even read a review about someone who was using it to fade their freckles.


Thank you @christined :blush: I have changed all my products. Really I had no routine. I simply use to clean with any drug store cleanser I happen to have followed by QV facial cream for dry skin. No sunscreen. Now I’m using night serums, brightening creams, hydrating lotions and masks. So it takes a lot longer both morning & night routines but I’m hoping it’ll pay off. I just started this week. Today I wore 50+ spf sunscreen under my makeup. I’ll definitely update everyone on all the products I’m trying in a few weeks. Thanks for the tip on the Vitamin C, I have been curious to know if it helps.


Okay so now I am sucked in to this brand after reading these reviews. But I use Alpha H Liquid gold. I am unsure if using this in conjunction with some of the Ordinary products will cause more problems for my skin??
I am happy with my regime, I am mainly looking to get rid of last of my acne scarring and pigmentation? Any suggestions?


Heya @kyliecavanough ! I hope I’m not too late to add in my two cents :smiley:

I always recommend to stick to more gentle cleansing products, especially if you’re using active ingredients that can easily be overdone, like retinol (I don’t trust myself with retinol mostly haha, though when I do use it I love the results!). Having a cleanser that feels drying to your skin can long term do more damage than good - have you tried an oil cleanser instead? The Ordinary doesn’t make any cleansers, but their big sister brand Hylamide does a cleanser that I quite like - it is effectively similar to an oil cleanser without actually being an oil cleanser… er you may need to try it to see what I mean! It’s very good value for such an innovative, gentle yet effective product.

I LOVE rosehip oil when used alongside another moisturiser! It might be worth giving that a go underneath your moisturiser at night? It’s an oil that I consider to be very good for combo/oily skin - it’s still an oil but it’s more lightweight, and long term balances the skin. I would recommend using it cautiously in conjunction with retinol though, as rosehip is full of Vitamin A that makes it great for the skin, but is also chemically very similar to retinol and may be too much in the way of actives.

Hydration is the main thing to focus on for you by the sounds :smiley:


Hey Annette!

I’ve been using the Liquid Gold Rose lately in conjunction with The Ordinary products. It sounds like you’re addressing your main skincare concerns already, but you’ll probably see faster improvements if you combine it with two products from The Ordinary - the Niacinamide product in the morning under your moisturiser, and the Hyaluronic Acid after you apply your Liquid Gold in the evening :smiley:

Both products here:
Night time after your Liquid Gold exfoliant:
Morning before your moisturiser:


Definitely not too late :wink: In fact I’ve held off purchasing anything until you replied. Now that I’m back home from our roadtrip (campervan with our doggy from Bris to Phillip Island and back), my skin isn’t feeling quite as dry using the Skinstitut cleanser - no doubt all of that heater use at night had a major impact, and varying water qualities maybe added in causing my skin to freak out much more then usual. But I am very intrigued and interested by how wonderful the Hylamide cleanser sounds so I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving it a go. I’ve used an oil cleanser by Moogoo and it completely transformed my skin! I always thought I had naturally oil skin, but after this product, I realised it’s more combo and I was just using the wrong products.

I don’t use any serums other then the retinol at night (which luckily my skin loves each night after starting use very gradually), so am thinking of trying the NIacinamide 10% + Zinc for mornings, and perhaps alternating nights with some Rosehip oil.

So to summarise, looking at introducing -
Hylamide High-Efficiency Face Cleaner
NIacinamide 10% + Zinc - morning
Natural Moisturising Factors + HA
Rosehip Oil (alternating use with Skinstitut retinol) - night

ps. YOU’RE AMAZING!! Thank you for taking the time to read through my novel length posts :wink:


My pleasure, I love chatting skincare :smiley: Oh I LOVE that Moogoo cleanser! I might have to get that one in rotation again, I’m alternating between two Japanese oil cleansers at the moment for my makeup days (THREE and Hada Labo) and they seem pretty similar though I think I paid more for them?

Yeah it’s shocking how much heating/water quantity & quality affects your skin, I just came back from a trip to the Blue Mountains to see my family, and I think the water might be harder than it is in Melbourne? My skin was so dry and has only just started to recover, though it may have been how much heating we needed to use and that I wasn’t drinking as much water as I usually would… :scream:

Everything that you’re looking to introduce looks safe to start all at once to me, the only caution I would recommend is with the rosehip oil - I had no problems with it and I don’t often hear of any problems, but as it is fairly powerful in its way I’d monitor the Retinol use alongside it. I currently use rosehip oil every night no exceptions, and as you’re using retinol already and are loving it, your skin will most likely also love rosehip oil.

You may also already know this so apologies if you do - but the key to rosehip oil is making sure it’s fresh and stored correctly. If you’re not loving it, might be best to use it on your body rather than letting it sit and come back to it - it’s full of antioxidants that degrade and lose effectiveness reasonably quickly (I was horrified to find out one of my friends had her bottle open for 12 months before trying it again, and she was wondering why it didn’t work - from her description it had gone rancid :mask: ). For this reason I prefer to buy the smaller bottles even though I use it constantly!

PS - please post a pic of your dog? :dog2:


This is Freda :slight_smile:

Moogoo are amazing! One of those that when I stop, and restart later on I always kick myself for ever stopping!! Their MSM cream is great for redness, irritation and I always have it on hand to sort my skin out when it needs some TLC and their Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser is great too. Different in that you apply it after you wash and leave it on, it cleanses and acts as a nourishing moisturiser. They have a great explanation on their page about Rosehip oil, quality and storage so I had read some info about that but ALWAYS appreciate tips and help. They also mention Evening Primrose and Tamanu oils so I’ve been bouncing around, reading info and trying to figure out which is best.


omg your dog is a cutie @kyliecavanough! :heart_eyes:


She knows it too :wink:


OMG thank you for my dog photo fix! :smiley: Freda has a wonderful smile :slight_smile:

MSM!! Ahhh that’s the moisturiser, after our conversation today I was talking in the office, trying to remember what had fixed up my arms a few years ago and I knew it was one of their products? Seriously good stuff and I should really repurchase.

OH I have used their rosehip oil actually! MooGoo’s rosehip packaging is genius and it’s disappointing that there aren’t more brands that take that level care with their rosehip - something that actually keeps out light and air and is travel-friendly to boot. Hmm maybe I do need to revisit my local chemist for a MooGoo fix, though after our chat today I’m convinced I need to speak more to the managers here about taking it on! :wink: ahaha!

Hmm I personally haven’t heard much about Tamanu Oil, I should check that out asap. Evening Primrose is nice, but I think I’m seeing best results from rosehip?


I’ll start with rosehio for sure then, and it’d be amazing if you guys could stock it!! I love that they’re Australian, and have so much transparency with their ingredients. I’ve even bought makeup and dog shampoos from their sister brands Dusty Girls and Dr Zoo!!


Oooh I didn’t know about Dr Zoo! Yeah they seem like a really down to earth brand that know their stuff and I dig that, bonus that they’re Australian!
What have you tried from Dusty Girls? There’s a tester in a pharmacy near me but everything looks popular because things have been swatched so much! Was tempted to get into their lip products?


Oh Dr Zoo is wonderful! I recently purchased little sample sizes of the shampoo and conditioner, and they came in the cutest little drawstring bag and included a free dry shampoo powder! Their packaging is so cute, and they smell divine!
It was a little while ago that I tried Dusty Girls, pretty sure it was when they very first launched. I was getting married and never wore makeup, so messaged them for advice on shades and they so kindly sent me out little sample pots of each of the Earth Cream (basically like a foundation) to try so I could find my perfect shade. They also sent me out a couple of mineral foundation samples as well. So amazing! I ended up buying the Earth Cream and loved it, but when I ran out I didn’t repurchase mostly because I rarely wore makeup. (I’ve had to stop work due to health stuff, so often don’t even go out). They have so many more products now - just checked their site - and some beautiful vegan makeup brushes. Super helpful customer service is what won me over with them, a bit like here to be honest :wink:


I went to my Priceline today and my local has a sale on and I figured it a good way to buy a few of The Ordinary range to try - except everything I wanted was sold out!!! I did get the Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, and have just washed my face and applied it. Very different texture then I was expecting - much nicer and so little needed. My skin feels lovely just with that on so I really look forward to trying the other products.
*I’d rather buy from Adore, got so excited to buy a few but it’s all out of stock! Not my day today :wink:


@christined, Have you received your The Ordinary Buffet yet? If so, have you used it, what did you think? :slight_smile:


@nicolestacewicz I have! I’ve been using it for about a week now. I love it! I saw my Mum yesterday actually and she told me that she thought my skin was glowing and asked me what I was doing with it. I have also been using the Pixi Glow Peel pads so I want to say it’s a combination of using those and The buffet.


Just found this Regime Guide on the ordinary website. Its really fabulous! Answered alot questions about when I should use products from the range. Thought may help other people too!