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Not sure if I’m too late for this but I’ve been using The Ordinary products since late May-early June and I can definitely tell a difference in my skin already. My skincare routine starts with a BHA product (from Korean brand COSRX) --> the Ordinary Niacinamide --> mix of COSRX snail mucin essence and the Ordinary Squalane oil as my moisturizer --> SPF.

I USED to have super oily skin but now I am more of a combo/oily skin. My oiliness has dramatically decreased and I owe it a lot to all the products listed!! For my oily-skinned peeps, squalane is THE oil that seriously does not sit on top of the skin and it really moisturizes since the consistency is very similar to sebum. I use it in conjunction with an essence to help it sink into the skin faster. And using it in conjunction with the niacin, I used to have a bit of PIH and mainly PIE, but now most of my PIH have faded and I’m still stuck with some PIE (which is a lot harder to get rid of unfortunately) but I can definitely tell a difference with the amount of scarring and pigment since I started using it! I’ve already ordered my second bottle of squalane and niacin :slight_smile:
Honestly, the Ordinary is such a game-changing brand that’s really transformed my skin (and the amount of money I spend on skincare! I legit have ditched my expensive serums as I realized they have a bunch of useless ingredients… as opposed to these products that are straight to the point and highly effective!!)


@kenziyee I am so curious to hear about the Squalane. I’d never heard of it before I came across The Ordinary. I usually use rosehip oil. How does it compare? Also do you think the Niacinamide is key to helping pigmentation and scarring? I got the Ordinary Vit C to try help with pigmentation… only just started using it so can’t report back on it just yet.


I used to use rosehip oil! I stopped using it as I found it kinda sat on top of my skin even though it was recommended for oily skin due to its high linoleic oil content. Compared to rosehip oil, squalane is a lot more lightweight and you will definitely feel it sink into your skin faster. It works well by itself but I find that it settles into my skin a lot better when mixed with an essence or moisturizer.
As for the niacin, I haven’t used Vit C before so I wouldn’t be able to comment on it compared to niacin. But, I did find help fade away my darker pigmentations… recently I popped a pimple and it left quite a nasty scar so I used niacin on the spot itself daily to see its effects and i did find that it helped to fade the scar quicker :slight_smile: It’s definitely worth trying!


I am really glad to hear the Niacin working because I ahve been using this daily as well for about a month now, along with my AlphaH rountine. And I really like the feel of it on my skin. @kenziyee your review has made me feel hopeful that I will continue to fade my scarring and to persist. Time is the key!


Yay! glad to hear that :smiley:


Hi Shannon, so do you think THE ORDINARY NIACINAMIDE 10% + ZINC 1% would be the best of these products for redness, rosacea? Very reasonably priced. Sandra


hello @Sanbart! :slight_smile: welcome!

Hmm it depends on what else is going on with your skin - would you say that your skin is dry, or normal but prone to discomfort?

I think Niacinamide broadly is a good idea for rosacea so you can help built up that barrier, but my gut feeling is that this wont be the right balance of hydration if you’re not normal to combination skin. Something like their hyaluronic acid would be the place to start!

What is your current skincare routine?


I have some on the way! It’s not available in Australia yet but I bought some from the UK. I’m excited but cautious hehe.


ooh you’ll have to update us on what it’s like when you get it!


Hi everyone i am new to Ordinary product. My skin is sensitive with hyper pigementaion and pores. I just bought Vitamin C 23 Suspension in the skin guide it says i need use water based solution before apply the vitamin. What exactly is that water solution can anyone help with these plz. Thanks.


Hi @punniyaprabhu I use the Vit C 23 Suspension as well. Because it’s quite strong it can sting and irritate if you use it on its own so it’s good to mix it in with something else. I find that using something rosehip oil with it works really well. You can also mix it in with a littlemoisturiser of your choice. The other product that may be really good to use with it which I love is The Ordinary Squalane which is a hydrating oil.


@christined thanks i have rosehip oil. Wil try with that


Hi all! I’m a bit late to the party, but I just discovered The Ordinary and am so intrigued. I suffer from acne still (I’m 20) and nothing I’ve used in the past has helped. I’m talking Benzac and Proactiv for harsher things, and even more natural lines. I have combination skin that dries out quite easily, and because of that I already have fine lines around my eyes, as well as uneven skin tone.
I’d like to tackle all of those issues if possible, but my main concern right now is acne. What would you all suggest? I was recommended Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% but don’t know if it’s right and what else I should use with it. I’ve just started using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost with HA so I don’t think I’ll need the HA from The Ordinary, but I’m open to any suggestions.

Thank you!


Hi @marirowlands! Welcome! The Niacinamide + Zinc is definitely great. It’s good for easing up on congested skin and helping with acne and redness. However, I’ve also heard from a friend who’s using it that The Ordinary Salicylic Acid is great for getting spots/pimples down. She says whenever she gets some spots she applies the Salicylic Acid and it definitely helps the spots come down.

I personally also like the Alpha Lipoic Acid for brightening my skin. I just apply at night twice a week (it’s quite strong so you don’t want to apply more than 2 nights a week) and it’s great for helping with dullness.