The Ultimate Formula For Troublesome Scalps

The Ultimate Formula For Troublesome Scalps


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Do you struggle with a sensitive scalp? Perhaps itchiness, flakiness and hair loss rings a bell? If so, I’m sure you’ve used a lot of different hair products to try and curb your troublesome scalp. But I’m pretty confident you wouldn’t have tried Sachajuan’s Scalp Shampoo yet.


Why You Should Try It:

- It contains piroctone olamine & climbazole to treat irritated scalps
  • Removes dry dandruff & relieves itchiness

  • Contains rosemary oil, menthol, salicylic acid & ginger extract to soothe the scalp

  • Maintains a healthy pH and moisture balance of hair & scalp

  • Leaves the hair and scalp feeling clean & fresh

  • Scalp is left calm, itch-free and flake-free

  • It has stylish, simplistic packaging so it actually looks nice in your shower!

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About The Ingredients:

- Salicylic acid gently exfoliates the scalp to remove dead skin build-up
  • Rosemary oil & ginger extract are said to help promote healthy hair growth

  • Piroctone olamine also promotes hair growth & treats dandruff

  • Climbazole is an anti-fungal agent which helps to treat skin conditions

Who's It For?

This shampoo is ideal for anyone suffering from a persistently irritated scalp, dandruff, itchiness or sensitivity. It's also worked wonders for those with dermatitis and psoriasis skin conditions. If you experience irritation post-colouring treatments, you can give this a go to soothe the scalp and soothe itchiness.

How to use:

Simply use Sachajuan's Scalp Shampoo as you would your normal shampoo. Massage into wet hair, allowing 1-2 minutes to work in to the hair, giving the scalp a good massage before rinsing out.  

What's Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ Amazing results after 1st wash - Isobel

"Bought this product on a whim because I was fed up with my dry itchy scalp always shedding dandruff. None of the usual pharmacy brands I've tried have ever worked but after the first wash with this - I was amazed! It was the first time in years my scalp wasn't irritated and dry. After a couple months of use I've noticed how much healthier my hair is from having a healthier scalp. A little goes a long way and I use it once a fortnight. Wish I'd found this little magic bottle years ago."

★★★★★ Miracle Shampoo - Lucinda

"I've had terrible scalp psoriasis for 22 years, I've tried every T-gel, coal tar based, dandruff, pH balanced shampoo available! Including topical steroid treatment, they've all worked pretty averagely. I bought this shampoo a few months ago and the decrees of psoriasis scales on my scalp has been pretty amazing! I still have a few, but they're not flaking, they're not as painful. This shampoo is a big 5 out of 5 shampoo stars from me!"

★★★★★ Works like magic - Vinkael

"I have tried literally every shampoo to fix my itchy and flaky scalp issue. I decided to give this shampoo a go as my last resort before succumbing to seeing a doctor. On my first use I noticed itchiness quickly disappear and after 3 or 4 days so does the flakiness!! I am very happy with this shampoo."

★★★★★ Finally something that works! - Sarah

"After over 12 months of struggling with an incredibly dry, itchy & irritated scalp and countless different anti-dandruff products, this shampoo is the only thing that has worked. After using it just once, I finally had a flake free scalp and less itching & scalp pain. I will definitely be repurchasing!"

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