The Ultimate Party Pony For The Silly Season

The Ultimate Party Pony For The Silly Season


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Fake it 'til you make it, and up your hair game with enviably long locks. Most of us have experienced that horrifying moment of truth when we’ve done the big chop and then realise we don’t know how to style short hair. Well, I definitely have.

Anyway, I want to talk about extensions, because up until now I really haven’t had much appreciation for them. I am very no-fuss with my hair, so the thought of taking them in and out didn’t appeal to me. That was until I tried Showpony’s 18" Clip In Heat Resistant Synthetic Ponytail.

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Why Do I Rate It?

  • This ponytail piece is so easy to attach (even for an extensions rookie like me)

  • It’s made from synthetic fibres but can still be heat styled up to 180 degrees

  • The ponytail replicates the appearance and feel of real hair

  • It’s available in 9 shades from platinum blonde to black

  • It’s very simple to wash, dry and style

  • Allows your to create a high slick pony look, or low down waved ponytail

  • It’s an affordable hair solution at under $50

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How To Use:

I asked Liv, our resident hairdresser and stylist, for her tips on easily clipping in the ponytail.

Step One: Make a ponytail at the desired height and style with your own hair using a hair elastic.

Step Two: There is a small comb attached to the band of the hair piece, as well as a strip of velcro. Secure this comb into the top of your own ponytail, underneath your hair elastic, then wrap the piece around, using the velcro to secure the ponytail in place.

Step Three: Then take the excess strand and wrap it around the base of the ponytail to conceal the hair piece.

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Caring For Your Extensions:

To maintain the condition of your synthetic ponytail, I recommend using Showpony's specially formulated Shampoo & Conditioner, as they're free from sulphates, parabens and other ingredients that can damage extensions.

You can gently towel-dry your extensions, or blow dry on low heat. The synthetic fibres of Showpony’s 18" Ponytail are heat resistant, so you can straighten, wave and curl to achieve your desired style - just keep the temperature of your styler below 180 degrees.

Liv's Pro Tip:

"Hair extensions are a great way to create fullness and length, especially if your hair is lacking in one or both of those areas. I love that this synthetic ponytail allows you to create a diverse range of styles - I often opt for hair pieces for bridal up-do's as they give you a lot more to work with, and I can't go past a long, sleek, straight pony."

If you’re wanting assistance with colour matching your extensions, just contact us here.

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