The Under $30 Miracle Cream Our CEO Raves About

The Under $30 Miracle Cream Our CEO Raves About


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It’s not just our CEO, Kate Morris who raves about Elizabeth Arden’s Original Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. In fact, Victoria Beckham, The Queen and even Prince Harry use this multi-purpose skin saviour - which comes as no surprise given it has won over 115 beauty awards worldwide. So how has this cult favourite remained a staple in our beauty routines since it was created in 1930?

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Why Is It So Loved?

- The Eight Hour Cream hydrates, nourishes & softens the skin
  • It soothes & repairs rough, dry areas of the skin

  • This rich, apricot-coloured balm alleviates chapping & skin irritation

  • Restores peeling, windburnt or sun-affected skin

  • Has a rich, luxurious formula suitable for all complexions

  • It’s a kit staple for professional makeup artists

  • Protects the skin from damage with Vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant)

  • Contains Salicylic Acid to renew dead skin cells & speed up cell turnover

  • This multi-use formula has over 8 different uses

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What Can I Use It For?

Save your skin: Protect the complexion from drying sun, wind and other environmental assaults. Prince Harry used Eight Hour Cream on a trek in the South Pole to protect his skin from damage.

Shine factor: A glossy lip treatment, a dewy highlighter and an eyelid gloss all in one! Simply dab it on lightly for natural-looking radiance.

Trick for lips: Makes a great gloss for your pout, keeping lips soft, supple and hydrated for hours at a time.

Travel buddy: Flying can leave skin looking and feeling dehydrated and uncomfortable. Take along Eight Hour Cream for an in-flight moisture boost wherever and whenever skin feels dry, especially on hands, face and lips.

Post-shaving: This balm can help to calm irritation and reduce redness after shaving or waxing.

Brow Gel: For perfectly feathery, natural-looking brows, simply slick brows with Eight Hour Cream and use a spoolie to brush the product through, positioning your brow hairs where you want them to stay put.

Hands-down favourite: Soft hands and enviable nails start with a great hand-conditioning routine… like Eight Hour Cream. Just rub it in daily as an ultra-rich hand and cuticle cream.

Skin Remedy: The soothing properties of this multi-tasker make it the perfect antidote to minor skin irritations, abrasions, bumps & bruises.

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What's Everyone Saying About It?

★★★★★ There's a reason it's a classic... - Kate (Adore Beauty Founder & CEO)

"After all these years (it was invented in 1930), Eight Hour Cream is STILL a cult classic - not to mention a staple in the makeup kits of industry legends like Val Garland and Pat McGrath. Personally, I have a tube permanently living on my bedside table, where I use it nightly for lips and also all over my cuticles - and sometimes even all over my hands if they are feeling super dry. The tube lasts ages so it's definitely worth it!"

★★★★★ Absolutely love it - Charlotte

"I have used this product for about 6 years! I put it on my blemishes every night or any dry areas of my skin and without fail the next day it heals my skin and make sit feel super soft! I only use this of a nighttime as its very thick. I also love using it on my lips! It last FOREVER."

★★★★★ My skin hero! - Danielle

"This product is an absolute must in my handbag at all times. It is so potent that you need very little product making it exceptional value for money! Perfect for soothing dry lips, eczema and in winter we all get dry patches around our nose due to air conditioning or colds and this product works miracles. A great tip; use it on your cuticles to encourage nail growth."

★★★★★ All rounder - Claire

"This is my ultimate go to product! I have one in my bag, in my desk drawer at work and on my dressing table! It’s the best lip balm ever, but I also use it to tame my eyebrows, soothe dry skin... the list is endless! It is an all rounder!"

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