The Universal Fragrance for Your Home, As Voted By Us

The Universal Fragrance for Your Home, As Voted By Us


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As we slowly transition into spring, my obsession with home fragrance is ramping up again, and while I love recommending my favourites to you, I wanted to get the input of the rest of our Adore Beauty team on the ultimate candle they’d choose for their own homes.

Fragrance preferences are so unique; I personally have a really wide-ranging taste for candle scents, from masculine, to sweet, to woody. Although, I know some of you are super fussy and stick to a particular kind of smell - which is why I went on the hunt for the most universal scent that I knew most of you would love.

Enter, the most voted candle, Glasshouse Kyoto - Camellia & Lotus.


This Is Why You'll Love It:

I can't possibly explain a fragrance well enough that you'll imagine that exact scent, but I can try!
  • Kyoto is a sensual blend of camellia, lotus & amber

  • Elegantly combines exotic scents for a soft, understated fragrance

  • It’s the perfect aroma for your living room

  • I think it has a gender neutral scent, not too sweet & not too woody

  • You’re guaranteed to get compliments when you’re burning this candle

  • Triple-scented for maximum fragrance & made from non-toxic wax

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The Fragrance Notes, For The Candle Connoisseurs:

Top Notes: Fresh lime, bergamot, citrus

Middle Notes: Camellia and lotus

Base Notes: Amber, sandalwood, musk & vanilla

Getting The Most Out Of Your Candle:

I know, lighting a candle seems straight forward, but there’s actually some steps you can follow to ensure you’re getting the most out of it! I recommend burning Glasshouse’s 350g candles for 1-4 hours at a time, and trim the wick before lighting it (so you don’t get that black smoke or crackling upon lighting). If you’re trying to stay child-friendly, you can still get Kyoto in a diffuser!

Buy Glasshouse Kyoto - Camellia & Lotus here

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Why We Love It:

Kyoto was the first candle I purchased when I started at Adore Beauty, because so many people in the office recommended it as a must-have from Glasshouse. I'll admit I'm biased, because I love Kyoto, but I also can't go past The Hamptons and Cyprus... okay now I'm getting sidetracked.

★★★★★ Favourite candle ever! - Erin

"I honestly wasn't a candle person until I tried Glasshouse. I don't think I'd ever even "finished" a candle before. They really are the highest quality - incredible scent and they always burn evenly. The entire Glasshouse range is delicious, however Glasshouse Kyoto Candle with Camellia and Lotus is my all-time favourite! It's really hard to describe a fragrance, but you can't go wrong with this. It's fresh and floral (but not *too* floral) and also not sickly sweet. I'm so excited Adore Beauty stocks it, I've been rationing my use of Kyoto for months!!"

★★★★★ Very serene, calming scent - Shannon

"Kyoto is my top pick from the Glasshouse Candles range (although I love most of them honestly) - it's a gorgeous, serene scent that even people who dislike florals will still enjoy. People in the office have put up with my sticking this under their nose and demanding an opinion - I've yet to hear of anyone not loving this scent. It's a crowd-pleaser without being boring!"

★★★★★ I am in love with the Kyoto Scented Candle - Gaz

"There hasn't been one night where I haven't lit up my Kyoto candle since the day I bought it!! After purchasing the mini candle, I had to make sure I came back to buy the bigger candle. Before discovering this scent I was never into candles, but after buying this candle I refuse to even think about buying any other scented candles except this one. I highly recommend giving the Kyoto scent a shot especially if you aim to give your personal sanctuary a "truly sacred experience". The strength of this candle is exemplary and I promise you, you will not regret buying this! Will definitely keep re-stocking!"

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