This Is How Our Beauty Editor Does Waves

This Is How Our Beauty Editor Does Waves


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I think mastering the art of creating waves on your own hair really is a skill you gain over time. It’s certainly something I’ve gotten better at, but I credit my waves entirely to my BaByliss PRO Glitz Titanium Ceramic Conical Wand.

It’s the best wand I’ve used - it allows me to easily customise my look from curls to waves, and they last at least 3-4 days in my fine hair. I want to run you through how I wave my hair, but I also want to tell you about my BaByliss Pro wand - so let’s do both.

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What You Need To Know About The Wand:

- The digital control allows you to adjust the 11 heat settings up to 210°C
  • The conical barrel is made from the finest titanium-ceramic material

  • There are two conical barrel size options: 32-19mm & 25-13mm

  • Titanium-ceramic provides an ultra smooth finish, faster styling & enhanced shine

  • Ensures quick and even heat distribution

  • I use my styling wand on 210°C with a heat protectant

  • I use the narrower wand as I like to be able to create tighter curls

  • Features a cool tip to avoid burning your fingers as you wrap the hair

  • Shuts off automatically after an hour (no panicking once you’ve left the house)

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How I Do Waves:

There are some really important factors to consider when trying to wave your hair: hand placement, styling tools and styling products, so I'll share all that with you below. First things first, let's get into the steps.

Step One: Start off with natural hair, with just a heat protectant in it (I’ve prepped my hair with ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment).

Step Two: Depending on how thick your hair is, section it half-up, half-down (or in quarters if you have thicker hair), and start on the bottom section first, separating smaller sections to wrap around the wand as you go. For tighter curls, do smaller sections, or for loose waves, do larger sections.

Step Three: You want to curl away from your face. So position the wand on top of the strand of hair and wrap the hair backwards around the wand, leaving out about 3-5cms of hair at the ends, depending on how long it is.

Step Four: Once you’ve completed all sections, allow your hair to cool for about 5-10 minutes before brushing through it gently with a paddle brush.

Step Five: Lightly spritz a sea salt spray into your hair (I used evo salty dog salt spray), and brush it through again, separating any curls that are still tightly coiled.

Step Six: Simply finish off with a strong hold hairspray (my favourite is MOROCCANOIL Luminous Hairspray Strong Finish), and voila, you’re done!


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