This is not a drill: how i got rid of all my blackheads

This is not a drill: how i got rid of all my blackheads


I’ve been struggling with blackheads for so long! Especially since I have acne prone, combinational, annoying teenage skin. But recently I’ve managed to shrink my pores, lessen my acne and get rid of all my blackheads…


Here is what I did to get rid of them all:

  1. Wash my face with Benzac Acne Wash (10%)
  2. Use St Ives Apricot Scrub and exfoliate my nose and chin (the areas affected with blackheads).
  3. Wash off all product with cool water to close pores
  4. Use Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner on a cotton pad
    (at night I will use The Ordinary 2% Retinoid in Squalane)
  5. Use The Ordinary Niacinamide & Zinc all over my face avoiding eye area
  6. I then moisturise my skin with Cetaphil Moistursing Cream
  7. Using Benzac Acne Cream (5%) I put this on pimples and large blackheads


  • I exfoliate the effected areas each time after I finish washing my face.
  • Drinking heaps of water & green or white tea makes my face less red
  • I’ve found that cream blushes and foundations block pores more than powders and liquid formulas
  • Steaming your face then exfoliating opens all your pores allowing more dirt and oil to be cleansed out
  • Having a face mask once a week really helps!!
  • Remember irritation causes acne, SO BE GENTLE & DON’ T TOUCH YOUR FACE!! :blue_heart:


  1. St Ives Apricot Scrub: I love this exfoliater, it’s so deep cleansing. However, it is a bit controversial as many people believe it can have negative affects on the skin. A lot of people exclaim that ‘the actual grains are sharp and can irritate & cut open your pores’. Let me assure you that if you use this product GENTLY (the way you are supposed to) then it will not harm your skin. But if your skin is extremely sensitive I would not recommend it.
  2. Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner: After 3 weeks of using this toner I have seen a HUGE difference in my pores. In fact even my friends and sisters have mentioned how smooth and poreless my skin has been looking. Again with this product, it does contain a small amount of alcohol which would not suit extremely sensitive skin.
  3. The Ordinary Niacinamide & Zinc: This product has really helped control my breakouts, smooth the texture in my skin and tighten my pores, whilst keeping the skin hydrated and glowy.
  4. Benzac Acne Cream (5%): This acne cream is the only one I’ve found which really gets rid of pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and it even helps cystic acne.

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Hey @lydiaa this is awesome. Thanks for sharing! Blackheads are one of those tough things to get rid of so will have to give this a try.