This Is The Hero Hair Product Of NYFW

This Is The Hero Hair Product Of NYFW


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You might think New York Fashion Week is all about the outfits and designers being showcased on the runway, but it’s just as much about the hair and makeup trends that’ll be influencing the beauty industry for the remainder of the year. In hair styling, we seem to be shifting a little bit away from texture, and exploring more structured styles and the use of accessories like scarves and scrunchies.

But sometimes it’s not that simple to translate looks from the runway straight into everyday wear, which is why Aveda’s session hair stylist from NYFW, Darren Summors, walked us through how to create this easy-to-master look from the Priscavera AW18 show. But first, there’s a hero product I want to tell you about.

What's The Hero Product?

Have you ever heard of a thickening spray? If you've got fine hair, it must be on your list of volumising products to try. Aveda's Thickening Tonic was used by Darren to prep the models hair during NYFW, as it was sectioned half-up, so the remainder of the hair was given a boost of body and fullness.
  • It contains 97 per cent naturally-derived, botanical ingredients

  • Designed for fine hair to instantly add body to limp locks

  • The tonic thickens each hair strand, making the hair fuller from roots to ends

  • The formula also features wheat protein to protect against thermal damage

  • Corn-derived polymers provide hold & acacia gum adds lightweight bulk to hair

  • It has refreshing herbal aroma made up of vanilla, bergamot & clary sage

  • An ideal styling solution for fine or thinning hair types

★★★★★ So glad I tried it - Pixie

"My hair is quite flat and thin so I decided to give this thickening tonic a try and I'm so glad I did. From the very first time I used this I noticed my hair has so much more volume and a great healthiness about it. The spray has a beautiful fresh herbal aroma, which reflects all the beneficial natural ingredients it contains. It pleasantly sprays onto my hair, without giving hair that icky greasy feeling or weighing it down. Instead my hair is smooth and feels weightless. I'm so much more confident with my thicker, luscious hair."

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How Was The Look Created?

With the help of Aveda's styling products, Darren and his team at NYFW blended several styles together to create this unique take on a half-up, half-down plait. This polished, understated and wearable style softly complemented the boldly colourful Priscavera show.  


To create the sleek shiny look for Priscavera, the Aveda team began by prepping the hair with Aveda Phomollient and Aveda Thickening Tonic. Once blow-dried smooth, the hair was flat ironed straight using Aveda Shampure Dry Conditioner for thermal protection and softness.


Taking a small horseshoe shaped section of hair on top of the head, it was sprayed with hairspray for both shine and hold and smoothed it flat. Two small sections of hair from just under the crown were tied into ponytails on either side of the smoothed section of hair, and used to corset braid the remaining hair of the top panel. Essentially, the two section of hair are criss-crossed over the larger smoothed section.


To finish, the team used a small amount of Aveda Brilliant Humectant to create the incredible shine to the models hair. The shorter haired models were prepped in the same way using Aveda Phomollient and Thickening Tonic and a natural texture was added using Aveda Texture Tonic.


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