This Korean Skin Treat Might Be What Your Routine Needs

This Korean Skin Treat Might Be What Your Routine Needs


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If you’re not into Korean beauty trends, you may not have even heard of Touch In Sol before. It’s an affordable, playful, problem-solving beauty brand designed to address our most common beauty needs.

The No Poreblem Primer, Corean Complexion Cream and Metallist Shadow Liquid Foil & Glitter Duo are among their best-selling cult favourites, along with the Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base which I have to tell you more about.

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What You Need To Know:

  • It’s a non-sticky, honey-textured base product, ideal for priming the skin

  • Infused with honey extract & botanicals like jasmine, chamomile & rose extracts

  • Moisturises, firms and illuminates your complexion

  • Has cooling and soothing properties

  • Contains tiny illuminating gold flakes suspended inside the formula

  • Ideal for dry skin that often looks dehydrated or lacklustre

  • A perfect primer with all the benefits of a skin care product

  • Helps to prolong makeup wear

  • Leaves the complexion soft & smooth with an enviable glow

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What's The Texture Like?

I know when you think of honey, you assume stickiness. Despite this product having a gooey texture like honey, it isn’t sticky like honey. It glides onto the skin beautifully, smoothing out the surface in preparation for makeup.

Initially, the skin will feel slightly tacky to touch, but if you allow a minute or so for it to absorb, your skin will feel silky soft, and your foundation will seamlessly blend into the skin.


How To Use:

Feel Like Honey Moon Skin Base should be used during the final stage of basic skin care prior to makeup. Apply with clean fingertips evenly across your face, then pat lightly until fully absorbed.

Alternately, to increase moisturising power, mix it with your other base products prior to application. It can also be worn alone without makeup to improve the appearance of skin texture and add luminosity.

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What Are All The Bloggers Saying?

★★★★★ - Chantelle Elise Beauty

"I’ve been using this as my primer for the last few weeks straight and I have completely fallen in love with this product. The consistency of this skin base isn’t as sticky as I expected it would be and you don’t need a lot to cover your whole face. The applicator works really well at getting the perfect amount. Once I finish all of my makeup routine I find that my face has a lovely natural looking glow about it. It not only prolongs your makeup, but makes your skin incredibly soft and glowing."

★★★★★ - Really Ree

"Just the name got me with this one! I have kind of fallen in love with this stuff – a moisturising gel that has tiny particles of gold suspended in it and it enriched with rosa centifolia and jasmine flower extracts. You can use this as a makeup primer and if you like a bit of glow, this is the one for you."

★★★★★ - Beauty & Beyond

"It smells wonderful and although initially feels greasy on the skin, slowly it blends in to give the best glow ever. It can be used as a primer for applying before foundation , or as I do, can be doubled up as a highlighter for an unparalleled radiance. It makes the skin feel smooth, makes the appearance of pores much more refined and above all it gives the best possible glow to your skin. If you love dewy looks, this is perhaps the best product to use either as a primer or as a top coat highlighter."

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