Thoughts On Oil Cleansers

Thoughts On Oil Cleansers


Who here uses them or has in the past? I’ve always only ever used gel or cream based cleansers but have heard great things about oil cleansers and considering giving one a go. My one big question is - doesn’t it leave your skin oily? Do you have to wipe them off?
Which have you guys tried that you recommend?


I’ve been using oil (and oil balm) cleansers for a few years now and haven’t looked back. They definitely don’t leave skin oily at all, you apply and massage the oil onto your face, emulsify with water (it will turn milky looking like a creme cleanser) and then clean off with a wet face washer in a sort of buffing motion. I then just rinse and wipe until my skin looks and feels clean. I’m currently using Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Replenishing Oil, and have used Neutrogena, Dermalogica and Banila Co (technically a balm - but turns to oil on your face) and have liked them all except the Neutrogena - it’s mineral oil based and my skin wasn’t too thrilled with that!


Thanks @tinamiller. Does any normal face washer/towel work? A friend of mine mentioned that she bought muslin cloths specifically to wipe off her oil cleanser?


@christined I’ve never seen the need to use anything but my face cloths. I just get nice quality cotton (I’m a sucker for Sheridan) and pop in the wash at the end of each day. I don’t think muslin is necessary personally…


Oil or Balm cleansers are just beautiful on the skin and remove every bit of make up. It is a common misconception that oily skinned people should steer clear of oils or moisturiser. The truth is that if you don’t use products that moisturise the skin, your skin will simply produce more sebum, thus making the skin oilier.
There’s some beautiful Oil cleansers or Balm cleansers and I definitely recommend them… Alpha H make a gorgeous anti aging cleansing oil that you put on a damp face, massage in then add water to make it slightly milky. Leaves my face soo clean…


Ooh I love a bit of Alpha-H action @tezzabradshaw . Thanks for the recommendation! Will look it up.


I have used oil cleanser for a year now and very happy with it. I have tried few different brand now.
The best I like now is from the brand Simple. It’s very easy to use, just use warm water to rinse it. And leave no oily residue.
Clinique take the day off balm is also great.


I used one from Moogoo for oily skin (they had different ones) and it changed my life!! I always though my skin was oily, but after a few months of using it I realised I was just using the wrong products and not giving my skin enough moisture. Now I sometimes get a little shiny but nothing at all like I used to. Not sure about other brands, but I really liked mongoose and they explain why they use the ingredients they do and the benefits they offer


@kyliecavanough I’ve never used any of the Moogoo products but keep hearing great things. I have heard that if you dry out your skin with the wrong cleansers it provokes your skin to keep creating oil which is how oily skin starts… Hence oil cleansers help to balance it out!


The other joy of oil cleansers is facial massaging…


LOVE them. When I run out, or get caught up in trying another brand I forget how good it us until I purchase something again and wonder why I ever stopped! I always have their MSM cream on hand. Hubby uses it as he gets a little eczema, great when skin is irritated, red, enflamed or just as a moisturiser! I’ve used most of their goodies, tried the makeup from their sister range Dusty Girl, and buy the shampoo/conditioner fro my dog from Dr Zoo. They have another range, A Bit Hippy that’s similar to Moogoo, natural ingredients backed by evidence.


OMG so many options @kyliecavanough! Going to give the Moogoo a crack first though I think.


@kyliecavanough I’m a huge fan of the a bit hippy range. I’m going to have to check out their cleansing oils and the makeup range.


I’ve just looked at their website and am really intrigued by some of their products! They have a gentle micro exfolient, a facial protection mist - that sound wonderful! I used the Moogoo cleansing oil and really did love it and they also have a couple of oils other then rosehip, each suited for certain skin types. I tried the Tamanu which is good for blemish prone skin, smell isn’t great but it was very nice.
I love that all of their ranges explain so clearly what’s in their products!


I have been using the deep pore oil cleanser from White & Elm, and my skin is incredible. It’s not oily at all and it’s cleared my pores and made the overall look of my skin more dewy. The company is all organic as well! Here’s the link to the cleanser.


I use the jurlique cleansing oil and it is divine. It is a light “dry” oil so certainly doesn’t feel greasy. I remove it with a damp halo pad and every speck of makeup is gone. Love it!


Sounds gorgeous @rebeccaN. When you say “dry” oil does that just mean it absorbs quickly?


A dry oil to me is a thin oil that is not thick or greasy. They do absorb quickly but in this case its a cleanser and I don’t leave it on to absorb. It is a very non harsh way or cleaning your skin.