Thoughts on Sample Sizes?

Thoughts on Sample Sizes?


Want to hear everyones thought’s on sample sizes that we can receive with purchases, there are deluxe samples of course and understandably they’re free with with purchases (99% of the time) which I can’t complain, but I was wondering on how people feel of the sizes of a standard sample, is it really enough product to make a fair jugdement on how the product really performs when you purchase the full size? Has anyone used a sample and loved the product to then go and buy a full size and turn out to hate it? Let me know. :kissing_heart:


Hey @tamikalummis. Good topic. For me it varies sample to sample. I definitely feel that sometimes certain products need regular use over a longer period of time to see a difference. Sometimes these products probably don’t get a fair go if they’re sampled in small sachets unfortunately. That said I have gotten a lot of great samples that have prompted me to buy the full size including the Dermalogica Superfoliant!


For something like a moisturizer it either feels nice or it doesn’t. Cleansers for me are the same and sunblock - well if I don’t get burnt and feels nice I don’t feel like I need more than the initial sample.

For products with ‘actives’ then deluxe samples are the way to go to see if you feel comfortable with the product and if you are likely to react. For some products like Vit C’s for instance you virtually need to use the entire bottle before you are likely to see the effects - so samples are really more to give you an initial ‘feel’ for the product rather than see what the performance is like.

But I do love me a good deluxe sample…:grin:


Great topic.
I LOVE samples!
But I do find the standard sample size is way too little to really be about anything other than a freebie. I usually stretch a standard sample of anything out to about 2- 3 applications. I’ve never felt compelled to do anything about it when the sample has run out.

Deluxe samples on the other hand can easily stretch out to a week+ of use and a couple of times I’ve hit the end of the deluxe sample and been all “oh, I’ll have to replace this.”

But I think this is deliberate on the part of manufacturers. The standard size creates familiarity with the brand - the hope that we’ll at least buy the product once - a focus on increasing sales numbers, not necessarily caring if we like the product or not. Whereas deluxe samples give us the opportunity to decide if we actually like the product which creates quality sales but runs the risk that we won’t buy the product afterwards. Not every product is designed to be great - plenty are there just to get enough 1 off sales to make a profit…

Deluxe is the way to go :grin:


So agree @zanna. I’ve definitely been more prone to replacing after I use up a deluxe sample.