Tips for a good exfoliator?

Tips for a good exfoliator?


I’m after a new, great exfoliator - has anyone got any tips? My skin type is normal/dry, and not overly sensitive. Prone to the odd breakout. I don’t want to break the bank, but want to find a really good one. Has anyone tried the ASAP facial scrub, and if so, what’s that like? I like the price and have used an ASAP product before which was good.

Thanks so much for any help!


Hi Bella78! So sorry about the wait in responding, I managed to get locked out of my own account on here - silly me!

Are you looking for something scrubby, or something that doesn’t contain any scrubbing particles and relies more on AHAs or other non-physical exfoliants?

I generally recommend that people with dry skin stick to non-physical exfoliants, as you can damage your skin’s natural barrier with too much scrubbing, and I also find that non-physical exfoliants give a better effect over a long term period :slight_smile:

Have you used any AHA or BHA products before? Would you say your main skin concern is the odd breakout you get, or are you looking for something else (such as preventing the signs of ageing, dealing with pigmentation, that kind of thing)?

Let me know and I’ll make some recommendations for you! :typingb: