Tips for balding

Tips for balding


My husbands daughter is diagnosed with Down syndrome, she is only 7 and started to lose her hair.
The exact cause hasn’t been diagnosed and it’s more likely associated with an auto immune condition so it’s largely a medical condition but I was wondering if any one could recommend any hair care products that would help strengthen the hair that she does have and help keep it detangled or maybe looking a bit healthy?
If anyone else has had or knows of anyone who has had a child lose their hair any advice would be much appreciated


Hey @JFenton - If you suspect an autoimmune condition I would definitely recommend getting her checked out by a Dr.
A friend of mine had some issues with losing her hair and did say that rubbing almond oil helped the hair grow back again though. Another friend mentioned cleaning up her diet made a difference when she had thinning hair - although easier said than done with kids I guess!