Tips Make up wedding

Tips Make up wedding

  1. Prepare eyelid
    Clean your eyelids with cotton, then apply eyeshadow base
  2. Use eyeliner
    Wear dark eyeliner colors, such as black, gray, or brown
  3. Create a line at the bottom eye lids
    Use eyeliner on the bottom eyelid line
  4. Give the base color on the petals
    Give the lighter base color on the eyelid up to the brow bone
  5. Combine colors
    To give color to choose the color of dark eyelids. Use makeup brush to flatten the eyeshadow
  6. Check back makeup
    Refer back to the color on the eyelid, make sure the color was mixed with equal
  7. Use mascara
    Pinch your lashes to look tapering. Then, use a mascara that makes your eyes more volume




Wedding day is very important for a bridal, the amazing tips are as following:-
1.Apply the face premier,foundation
2.Start eye makeup first
3.Now,apply concealer on your face
4.Choose suitable color of lip stic and gloss…