Tips to prevent under eye wrinkles?

Tips to prevent under eye wrinkles?
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What are your hot tips for preventing wrinkles under and around the eyes?

I currently keep that delicate eye area hydrated with organic rosehip oil. I pop it on before I sleep and usually pop a subtle amount on in the morning before I use an under eye concealer.
I mean we could all stop smiling to avoid crease factor but where’s the fun in that! What products have worked for you guys?


I got a sample of the new Dermalogica Stress Positive and all I can say is - wow! :astonished: In terms of plumping the under eye area and reducing the dark circles it is amazing! I’m not sure how it works long term in reducing wrinkles but for a quick pick me up I’m absolutely sold.


well I think getting enough of sleep is the real deal. … lots of water and an essential oil is a great idea to!


Wearing sunglasses and sunscreen - prevention is better than cure! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@vanessa_w I don’t wear sunglasses enough! You’re right I need to get on that. I always feel weird about sunscreen around my sensitive eye area though? Can you just use standard beauty sunscreens for this?


True! The skin’s more alive if we have enough sleep. I don’t use specific product for the eye area, only a normal beauty cream to help my entire face moisturized. :slight_smile: I just make sure I get enough sleep.


I know there are a few brands who have SPF in their eye creams like Alpha-H Absolute Eye Cream SPF 15 or Dermalogica Total Eye Care SPF15! :slightly_smiling_face:


@cherylcequina curious to know what cream you use to moisturise your face? Does it help with keeping wrinkles etc away?


Hi, @christined! Sorry just got back. I’ve been using Pond’s beauty cream and Pond’s beauty lotion for my face. Yes, it helps keeping my wrinkles away and also makes my face look radiant. My skin’s super sensitive so I can’t just use any product but glad Pond’s works for me. :slight_smile:


Im a big fan of Nuxe Prodigieux Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Eye Cream. Really amazing! Even after a big night out, wake up looking fresh.


Oh I haven’t tried that brand @annettebisinella. I’ll have to check it out! Does it actually smooth away the creases?


Yes! Works really well. I even used tiny bit on my swollen sore feet after a hike, and woke up feeling amazing! Got onto Nuxe brand after receiving a sample of their dry oil in a promo pack. I now use the dry oil almost everyday on my arms and legs as moisturiser. Haven’t looked back!..Added note, I dont really have problem with “wrinkles” more creases, tired puffy eyes when I become over worked.


I’ve been using the Niod fractionated eye contour concentrate. It’s really helped with my under eye circles and also for fine lines. I’ve tried a lot and this is the most effective eye treatment I have used. It’s expensive, but a small amount goes along way and I think it will easily last 5+ months. I currently only use it at night and I’ve already seen the effects.


Sounds awesome @hayleypan How long did you use it for before you started to notice a change? Has it helped with fine lines?


If you want to get rid of your under eye wrinkles or have wrinkles on eyelids then you can try some home remedies that can help you hide your wrinkles every easily. Some home remedies are so easy to apply that anyone can easily apply it. So, you can also try these home remedies for your wrinkled eyes.


ill tell u few things to follow to get rid of ur under eye wrinkles
Coconut oil
Castor oil
Pineapple Juice
Warm Milk & Brown sugar


Interesting @vishnupriya. So the Pineapple Juice and Warm Milk & Brown Sugar… do you just rub those on regularly?


@christined when I first noticed fine lines forming under my eyes I actually did try to avoid unnecessary smiling! It’s a tricky thing to do and largely resulted in me coming across as emotionally inept and permanently grumpy

I have invested in a lot of serums/eye creams since and have found that Clinique is not good at all. Plumping serums are a marketing trick. Sheisedo produces noticeable results and I am currently using Jurlique, it’s really good

I did wonder whether there was any difference between normal moisturiser and eye creams so I stopped using targeted eye creams for about a month and can honstly say that there is definitely value in a good eye cream

I also dab oil under my eyelids too. I have used coconut oil, rosehip oil and a dab of my rose Jurlique body oil. I don’t have a personal preference with oils but find that the more I moisturise the better my skin feels

I also think it’s important to avoid drying out under the eyelids and try to avoid over cleansing by using an oil based makeup remover without rubbing too hard to remove eye make up


Thanks for the tips @jfenton! What is the actual product you’re using from Jurlique on your eyes? The rose oil?



hey hi

ss but everything is separate, add only warm milk with brown sugar and just rub it on ur wrinkled parts, let them dry it for more than 20 minutes and clean it off. Try this for 2weeks regularly u will get good results.