Tips to prevent under eye wrinkles?

Tips to prevent under eye wrinkles?
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Hi, I was interested to note that you find Shiseido skin care products good. I have read quite a bit about them of late and they seem to have very good reviews. I have dark circles and bags under my eyes and I was going to buy the clinique under eye cream, thank’s for the tip. I will have a look at the Jurlique eye creams and see what they have.


@melissamurphy Hope you find a good product

I like to change products every now and hen so my skin doesn’t get used to the same product (I don’t think there is any proof that it makes a difference but it’s what I do anyway)

I had really dark bags and dry eyes in winter last year so that’s when I switched to Jurlique eye cream, swear it made a difference so it might be a good one for you xx


@christined It’s just the rose body oil. It’s not specifically prescribed for the eyes but it’s a lovely natural oil made with real rose petals so it feels amazing on the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling or cause any build up problems so I dab a bit on the eyes and neck


Sorry for the late reply to your message. I will buy the Jurlique under eye cream so thank you for your help. I recently visited one of the Mecca stores and I purchased two products, as per recommended by one of their staff: Under eye concealers: a)Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluid and b)Bare Minerals ‘Stroke of Light’ Eye Brightener. They worked miracles at transferring the look of under my eyes, two of the best products I have ever bought!


Hi girls
I have really bad puffy and tired eyes, and recently I bought caffeine solution serum of THE ORDINARY BRAND, because reviews were very good . I am using from last few days and i can see a difference. image