To cover up or not cover up that is the question?

To cover up or not cover up that is the question?


SOOOO I have watched plenty of youtube posts about covering up breakouts and blemishes. These ladies look truly flawless once they are done but for one who is not a natural at applying make up… I end up looking ridiculous so my question to all of you adore beauty bloggers is do I cover up my break outs or just let the world see my hideous spots??? and does anyone have any tips for making my skin not look as aggressive when I have gone to town squeezing???:persevere::scream:


This is something I struggle with too! I see all these people on the internet wearing full coverage foundations and looking flawless - but I think it’s important to consider the amazing lighting set ups people have to make their foundation look great. Personally, I find that when I wear really full coverage foundations, it makes my skin look mask-like or really dry and textured.

I find a good way around this is to use a foundation that suits the level of coverage you feel you want on the best areas of your skin - for example, my forehead usually behaves pretty well and I only need a light coverage, so I stick with a lighter coverage foundation. Then I’ll use a high coverage concealer to focus on the areas that need attention, as I find this leaves me with a healthier skin look overall. Then I’ll skip powder and use a setting spray to avoid adding additional layers. Here’s some of the products I use:


Have you watched Lisa Eldridges video on yt or her website about covering acne. Her recommendation pretty well matches @alexandraraymond’s but if you’d like a visual I can’t recommend her enough. She is really well know in the beauty industry for her ‘skin’. She has a great philosophy about makeup as well. For quality advice on managing your breakouts head to Caroline Hirons blog and find her cheat sheets great info there as well.


Thank you so much I will definitely use the tips you have given and try the products you suggest :blush:


I will be watching YT on my Friday night in. Thanks a bunch, this has been really helpful :blush:


Great advice! I don’t think people out there realise the huge difference the lighting and filters on cameras can have on how someone presents - it’s so misleading. I also feel that sometimes this can really affect some peoples self esteem when they can’t replicate these looks or get the effect they see on yt.


So tricky. I find that what looks good on camera very rarely looks good in real life.


If only I could find a tinted moisturiser that was perfect for acne prone skin, could cover up sun spots and the signs of being mid 30’s without making me look like i have three layers on my face. Any suggestions or brands that people have used that worked or didn’t would be greatly appreciated


@rahniamackey have you tried Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser, or Bobbi Brown BB cream?


Thank you Kate, I haven’t tried these products but I am definitely willing too.
Another AB order coming up :slight_smile: enjoy the rest of your day!


I saw a US MUA talking about why it’s so important for MUA’s to use a mirror when working with clients as it gives the same 2D effect as a camera does - I’m guessing this is why…