To prime, or waste of time?

To prime, or waste of time?


Do you think primer is worth the hype? Whats your favourite and why?


I was a bit sceptical too in wondering whether using a primer was worth it as there are so many new things coming on to the market all the time within the beauty industry. I ended up buying one three years ago and it is now part of my daily beauty routine. I use the Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer and for me it does make a difference once I have put my makeup on.


@madisonwood I have to admit I haven’t been able to get into the hype of priming. I usually just throw on some Hyaluronic Acid and then dust over some mineral powder foundation and am good to go but would love to be convinced otherwise.


I’d have to agree I just don’t see the difference


That said, @madisonwood - I can see how it might be great for keeping the skin matte if you’re super oily. I have heard The Ordinary primer is great.