Top beauty hacks 2017!

Top beauty hacks 2017!


Hi honeys!

Beauty hacks are definitely on trend at the moment and I most certainly have a few life-changers to share with you:

  1. Coconut oil to remove eye makeup. Works magically and is great for your eyelashes and eyebrows! I also use coconut oil over my face as the first step to cleanse off heavy makeup. Use warm water and a washcloth to remove before your chosen cleanser and complete the rest of your skincare regime.

  2. Rubbing (Isopropyl) Alcohol to clean makeup brushes FAST as well as doubling up as an anti-bacterial. It is so affordable and it is a great idea to have this in a spray bottle, so you can spray and wipe your makeup brushes on the go during and after makeup application.

  3. Use your damp Beauty Blender to apply loose powder to set your foundation. I find it helps the powder melt into the skin much nicer and a seamless application. It doesn’t appear so matte and powdered down like it sometimes can when applying powders using a brush.

  4. Finger application for all metallic/foil eyeshadows, don’t use a brush (unless you want it to be a much lighter application)!

  5. Use a regular inexpensive soap bar from your pharmacy or grocery store to clean your Beauty Blender back to new again! I can’t believe how well this hack works. Wet your beauty blender under the tap until it is soaked with water and then rub against the soap bar to make sure the whole surface is covered and then begin squeezing out the makeup and soap using the running water from the tap. Continue doing until the soapy water is clear and does not show any signs of makeup.

  6. Heat up some coconut oil so it is liquid consistency and then mix in some ground coffee beans and cracked himilayan salt for a home-made DIY natural body scrub. It smells beautiful and these simple three ingredients are great on your skin and so budget friendly!

  7. Use a nude/skin toned coloured waterproof eye (or lip) pencil to brighten the inner lower lash line, inner corners of your eyes and the cupids bow of your lips! Makes such a difference with brighening your eyes and contouring the shape of your lips!

  8. Always apply lip balm, mascara and fill in your eyebrows as your FIRST step in makeup application. It makes a huge difference to have your brows and lashes filled in first before you begin to contour and apply eye makeup.

Has anyone already tried out the above before, or have any other great hacks to share? I would love to know them all!



I love doing this one too @emily-katedownie ! So good and easy.

Someone else mentioned a great beauty hack in one of the other posts about mixing in some of The Ordinary Glycolic toner into their body moisturiser to help exfoliate the skin on their body which I thought was a great hack.


That is actually a brilliant idea! I have never thought of doing that before. I love hacks so much!


The other one I just recently heard that’s good is to dip your freshly painted nails in ice water to help them harden faster!


I always paint my nails before going to bed. Sometimes by the time i wake up it will be in such a condition that i will remove and repaint it freshly again. @christined your hack for sure help me to get rid of such problems. Thank you.


@vaishaliyadav oh I used to make that mistake all the time too! Haha. The ice water definitely helps


Oh my friend @christined i think we both are kinda similar in all characters… lol