Good on old blackbelt for telling it how it is as regards poor unloved and neglected Henry. What’s with the others apologising, FOR WHAT :confused: being nice to him and talking about sardines, his favourite meal … :vomit: YUK. :shakehead: Oh I’m cranky and tired, so Henry is coping my wrath today.:explode:

I can tell you Snowflake, if that gorgeous little piddling white bundle of fluff wasn’t so goddam cute …:whipcrack: He a maltese/minature silky terrier cross who thinks he’s a rottweiller. Has my older one bailed up in a corner most of the time.

So how are you liking the change to Eleusian skincare, see they have a Forum also but appears to be very inactive. :confused: Do you find it really clicky here ? Suppose it takes time for others to allow newbees into their well established groups. Would be nice to find some of the others still ‘missing in action’. Moira seems to have disappeared, I loved her posts.:hugs: