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HI :waving: What I have found so far is it feels lovely on the skin and I can really feel the difference between where I have applied it and where I haven't, immediately. Visually I cannot see a huge difference but it does mattify well, keep in mind I only have slightly oily skin.

How I use it? On its own when I want a bit of a freshen up, under foundation which really worked well, found I didn't have to use powder as it gave a nice dewey finish, I have also used it under foundation as well as over but found the foundation went blotchy on this occasion but as I only wore it like this the once it's hard to say if it was the balm used over the top or other factors.

Hope that all makes sense and helps :redcheeks: With all the christmas parties coming up I'm sure to put it to the test even more and will definately let you know what I find. Overall though I'm really impressed with it as an all round product but I will definately be purchasing a 'proper' primer just so I can compare.