Toxic deodorants

Toxic deodorants


My couch used to always tell me to not put deodorant on because it blocks the pores and could irritate skin. I feel like this is a much healthier way for your body to get rid of salts while allowing you to sweat it out like a champ. I get it that it could smell bad but that’s just your body doing its job! What do you think?


Hey @dianasmirnov, completely agree that it’s not healthy for your body not to sweat so anti-perspirant deodorants aren’t ideal at all. Also it’s usually the aluminium in them that is the key ingredient to swap sweating - also not good for you!

I know I rave about this a lot on here but I love Black Chicken Axilla natural deodorant paste! It’s anti bacterial so it stops you from smelling but allows you to sweat still.


Wow that sounds great, thank you. I’ll definitely check that out :smirk::joy::smile::smile:


I’ve used Native deodorants. Delightful fragrances. Coconut and Vanilla is one of my faves.
They come in a stick form. I believe they’re only available via online order.