Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials


No doubt this thread has appeared in the past, but I can’t seem to find it!

Now, I am going to Europe very, very soon. In two weeks. wooo! This is all very exciting of course, but my skin does suffer en route. I tend to get dehydrated very easily, and it shows up on my skin quickly. Apart from eating well, drinking loads of water etc, does anybody have any recommendations for a good in-flight moisturiser/routine??

Also, does anybody wear makeup on long-haul flights?? I’m thinking that is probably a terrible idea, but nevertheless the thought of going make-up free alongside my sweetheart of just 6mths is kinda terrifying…(i know, im lame!! lol)

Any other tips on packing supplies would also be greatly appreciated!! I’m looking for 2 in 1 products and ways of economising space, although typically this is a challenge for me :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody! x


We have a similar thread here which started off as in flight skincare and then expanded to travel prodz too if this helps!


I wear make-up on long haul flights, however just after take-off I change into track pants and a t- shirt and wash my makeup off!
Shortly before descent I change my clothes and put my make-up back on!
Personally I find a refreshing spray a bonus and I put moisturizer on again about half way through.
Don’t forget something for your lips, I slather paw paw on constantly throughout the flight.
At the moment I’m using bvalgari face emulsion on flights, it applies well and soaks in without feeling oily. I used it twice on the way from Melbourne to Singapore yesterday, I have another 8 hours to go to Dubai, so I made good use of the club lounge for a shower mid journey :slight_smile:
can’t help you too much on minimizing products, I have my whole routine with me:redcheeks:
Carry on I limited to cleanser, moisturizer, dermalogica spritz in deluxe sample size, deoderant, tinted moisturizer, hand cream, pawpaw, mascara and lipgloss! Last time I travelled I took some samples with me for cleansing on flight. All under 100mls, in a zip locked clear.
How long are you traveling for?


I also have to take my whole routine with me:redcheeks: Haha but I usually just do travel sizes if I’m on holidays or visiting for not too long. For carry on I usually have another “mini routine” including waterless cleanser, hydrating mask, moisturiser, face mist and lipbalm.

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